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   Name:    Brooke Aguilar
   Terran age:   21
   Height:   5' 4"
   Weight:   115 lbs
   Species:   Human
   Place of birth:   Carlin City, Talus IV
   Languages:   Andorian, English, Spanish, Vulcan
   Interests:   Rock Climbing, Hang gliding, Reading, Piloting, Fencing

2375 - 2378   Starfleet Academy - San Francisco

Service Record:
2378 - 2378   Ensign, Engineering Officer - USS Galaxy
2378 - present   Promoted - Lieutenant jg, Engineering Officer - USS Galaxy


The Carlin Corporation founded the Talus IV colony over a century ago, in 2265; but it was forgotten about a decade later as the company that had sponsored and supported it dissolved. The people of Talus IV were a brave group and the colony continued to flourish; however, fate had not finished playing her fickle hand.

The colony's subspace transceiver was destroyed in a pirate raid that also damaged their only interstellar capable vessels beyond the means of the colonists to repair. Stranded, without the ability to contact the Federation for assistance or supplies, and far from standard trade routes they had little hope of outside help so they had to rely on themselves. The colony still grew, but the level of technology available sank as more and more of their equipment broke down due to age.

The intrepid colonists built up their infrastructure to attempt to supply for the needs of the colonists and stave off the slow slide into a technologically inferior society that had already begun. They succeeded, but progress was slow.

In 2357, Sylvia Aguilar gave birth to a baby girl only 6 months after her boyfriend, James Scoggins, died in an industrial accident. Sylvia went through a succession of men as she tried to find a comfortable life for herself and her daughter, Brooke. Eventually Sylvia married Philip Coleman and settled down in Carlin City, the main habitation of the colony.

Sylvia enrolled Brooke and school and the young girl led a normal childhood, at least as normal as it was for anyone on Talus IV, until she hit puberty. As the young girl entered that always confusing time of life for children, her mother's husband took notice of the maturation of the young girl and began to abuse her. Brooke silently bore this for a few months until one night, of which she refuses to talk except to say she could stay no longer, she ran away from home.

Brooke spent a few months living on the streets of Carlin City before stowing away on a Federation merchant vessel that had just recently re-established contact with the wayward colony. She was discovered in mid-voyage, and the ship209s commanding officer, Pamela Kelso, listened to the young girls story and wanted to give her shelter from the hellish life she had been living; however, she also knew that the life of a merchant marine wasn209t suited for the young girl either so she did the only thing she could think of. She sent young Brooke to stay with her brother and his family.

Vice Admiral Vincent Kelso was less than pleased with his sister when a scared, malnourished, and unusually quiet girl-child showed up on Mars to live with him, but pressure from his wife and his own stirring fatherly instincts, brought on mainly by the fact that his daughter Amber was nearly the same age, quickly changed his mind.

Amber Kelso was Brooke's only friend and confidante as the two grew up together. Private tutors taught both girls and by the time they were seventeen both had decided to apply for admission to Starfleet Academy. Since Brooke's home world was not a part of the Federation she had to have a sponsor, which Admiral Kelso did willingly.

Both young women were accepted and they roomed together throughout their time at the academy; however the directions they took once in were radically different. Amber took her classes seriously, but also took time to meet her fellow classmates and have her share of fun. Brooke devoted herself completely to her studies, hiding from her fellow classmates, and, most importantly, the male members.

Brooke's stay at the Academy was rather uneventful except for being awarded the Cochrane Award for her aptitude in engineering. She had a natural calling to machines, maybe because they were more reliable than the people she was unable to trust. In any case, both graduated in 2378 and, since Amber chose to go on to Starfleet Medical, Brooke has found herself alone for the first time since leaving Talus IV with her assignment as an engineering officer aboard the USS Galaxy.

Brooke soon proved herself as a competent officer and earned her first promotion to Lieutenant junior grade while serving on the USS Galaxy

Personality profile:
Brooke is still scarred from her early childhood. Signs of this past trauma are still evident in her daily life as she avoids contact with others, particularly males, as much as possible. She is very bright and very gifted in mechanics, but her people skills are, obviously, lacking.

Special notes:
Brooke is a very attractive girl, but does not accept this and downplays it as much as possible. She still has some sense of fear of being too attractive to men and what they might do.

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