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   Name:    Autumn Maeribeth Quevvenson (nee Jamieson)
   Terran age:   24 (DOB: 2nd April 2353)
   Height:   176 cm
   Weight:   64.5 kg
   Species:   Human
   Place of birth:   St George SW Qld, Australia, on Earth
   Languages:   English, French, Italian, Vulcan, Klingon
   Interests:   Water polo, reading, hiking, camping, Skiing, ice skating and anything to do with the outdoors .

2369 - 2373   Bachelor of Languages - University of New England
2373 - 2375   Starfleet Academy - San Francisco

Service Record:
2375 - 2377   Ensign, Medical Officer - USS Reliant
2377 - 2377   Transfered - Ensign, Medical Officer - USS Galaxy
2377 - 2378   Promoted - Lieutenant jg. Medical Officer - USS Galaxy
2378 - present   Promoted - Lieutenant, Ast. Chief Medical Officer - USS Galaxy


2376   Minor reprimand for making the science station resemble a cocoon with Paper Mache. (Community service in the Mess hall)
2376   Minor reprimand for locking the captain out of his ready room. (Computer privileges suspended for 6 weeks)

Autumn is the only daughter of Benison and Lois Jamieson. She was born in a small country town in Southwest Queensland. She grew up in that small town and when she had finished her high school at age 16 and half she went to the University of New England to major in Languages. She was a very hard worker and aimed to complete her degree in record time, her normal four-year degree took three and her honours year was the normal year long. Her lectures found it hard to understand Autumn. As she hardly ever needed to study and she always seemed to know what was going on in the course. In her final year at the university Autumn met a Starfleet officer on leave. He told her about the entrance exam that most cadets took to gain entry into the Academy. Once she had made up her mind, Autumn took the exam and soon moved to San Francisco to start her training.

Starfleet councillors suggested to her that she might want to go into the diplomatic corps but Autumn wanted the adventure of space. So in she went for officer training. She decided to major in medicine and languages. She got her doctorate degree within the two years that she was at the Academy. Autumn wasn't one to sit around and sit on her hands so in her first year she took on an extra course load with the aim of graduating top of her class.

Autumn was very determined to make friends in her new life and was soon going out and partying. She shared her room with human female by the name of Riana Parstran from the south of France. They shared a two bedroom flat with self contained kitchen and lounge. Riana's room was always tidy and to Starfleet standards. Autumn's room was not messy just cluttered with things she had found and collected over the years. Riana gave her the nickname Kender after a character in a series of books she had been reading. They were good friends and, even though Riana left Starfleet halfway through her training to join up with a rebel group called The Maquis (fighting against the Cardassians and Starfleet because of the DMZ), they used to communicate through Autumn's parents (unknown to Starfleet) but during the Dominion War the Maquis was wiped out by the Dominion, and Autumn hasn't heard from Riana since; though she hopes that her friend was one of the lucky ones that escaped from the Dominion.

Autumn didn't get another room mate during her training a fact that made the guys at the academy very happy. Not that it got them anywhere! She dated very often but never had a serious relationship until her second year. His name was Carlos Vaughan he was a student at the academy and they both soon found themselves being put together in training as well in social situations.. The relationship lasted about 6 months and when she broke it off things got UGLY. Carlos not at all content with the way things had happened took to the old routine of stalker. Autumn took the problem to the security office and Carlos was soon under control.

Four months later Autumn graduated second in a class of 150. She finished her training in two years. Autumn was assigned to the USS Reliant for a two-year tour of duty. She served as one of the ships Doctors.

After a few months she found herself bored with the routine and the people and was soon up to some practical jokes. These included the Captain being locked out of his ready room and the science station on the bridge being covered in Paper-Mache after the chief science officer Lt Commander Julies Wilson insulted her one evening while he was drunk. He called her a whore. Her excuse was that he had deserved it and that if he couldn't keep his mouth shut and his hands to himself she would do more the Paper-Mache his station next time. After that incident Autumn found her self being avoided by the crew even by her room mate, Autumn who thought her room mate was a bitch didn't give it another thought and programmed the transporter to transport her room mate's clothes into space, every single last one . It took her room mate three hours to get them back. Autumn received no reprimand for this. It looked like a simple transported malfunction! This made it even worse for her in the friendship area. As she hadn't had many friends on bored in the first place this didn't bother her.

After two years on the reliant she put out a transfer request. 'Anywhere but here' was written on the bottom of her request form. The request was granted and she is now on her way to serve on the USS Galaxy under the command of Captain Robert Edward Lee Price. Autumn hopes to make friends and this time not to get into trouble. She hopes that any room mate she gets is a nice person and that they get along

Autumn was promoted to Lieutenant junior grade a short time after coming to the USS Galaxy. Autumn also met and fell in love with Wilhem Quevvenson, they married in late 2377. Autumn and Wil now have a pet panther cub by the name of Summer Night.

In early 2378, Autumn was promoted to full Lieutenant and made the Assistant Chief Medical Officer on board the USS Galaxy.

Personality profile:
Autumn is very outgoing and is well known for getting into things that don't concern her at all. Her quarters are filled with things she has found and things the just 'appear'. She is not a thief! She has a vast knowledge of things and of people. She has a photographic memory and can remember the smallest detail. If you are missing something then you had better look to her for it. And if she doesn't have it she'll find it! Her dorm mates at the academy gave her the nickname Kender (After a mythical creature written about in storybooks in the late 20th century "Dragon Lance series".) Autumn has a happy attitude and can often be found walking around singing or whistling (off key), for no reason, other then she wants to. Even though she is intelligent and such she doesn't' always act serious. She can be flighty but is a friend when you need her. She isn't afraid of anyone or anything She has no idea what the word FEAR even means. Once you get to know her she is a great person to have as a friend. But once you break that friendship its gone.

Special notes:
Hates : Frogs and bees and cramped places.
Likes: Hot Chocolate with marshmallow on cold nights.
Allergies: Bees and Pollen
Noticeable marks/tattoos: Has a small butterfly tattoo on her left ankle.
Favourite saying: "Live life to the fullest and never look back."
Favourite colour: Black and purple
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green

Note from Starfleet command:
Ensign Jamieson is high spirited and has a lot of energy. Capable officer and if exuberance is controlled will go far. Is a competent doctor and has a caring personality.

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