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   Name:    Adrian An'quinsos
   Terran age:   163
   Height:   6' 1"
   Weight:   170 lbs
   Species:   El Aurian
   Place of birth:   El'Auria - El Aurian Homeworld
   Languages:   Bajoran, Betazoid, Cardassian, El-Aurian, English, Ferengi, Jaradan, Klingon, Latin, Romulan, Ursidian, & Vulcan
   Interests:   Boxing, Hiking, Martial Arts, Frisbee-Golf, Meditative Practices, Music, Reading, Volleyball, Writing, Working Out, & 2-Dimensional Chess

2240 - 2260   Exo- Cultural Studies from University of El- Auria (Ph.D.)
2288 - 2296   Psychological Studies from Cardassian University (Doc.)
2325 - 2333   Sociological Studies from Harvard University (Doc.)
2349 - 2357   Psychology from University of Betazed (Doc.)
2357 - 2363   Multi- Cultural Humanoid Communication from Oxford University (Ma.)
2363 - 2369   Exo- Sociology & Federation Law from the Daystrom Institute. (Ma. Ma.)
2369 - 2373   Starfleet Academy - San Francisco

Service Record:
2373 - 2376   Ensign, Counselor - USS Andromeda
2376 - 2376   Ensign, Counselor - USS Galaxy
2376 - 2377   Promoted - Lieutenant jg., Counselor - USS Galaxy
2377 - 2377   Promoted - Lieutenant, Counselor - USS Galaxy
2377 - 2378   Transfered - Lieutenant, Chief Counselor - USS Commodore
2378 - present   Transfered - Lieutenant, Counselor - USS Galaxy


The youngest of five, Adrian was born into a highly prominent El-Aurian family in the Terran year 2215. [Originally Audírian, it was changed when he entered the Alpha Quadrant.] His father, Salyavin, was President of El-Auria at the time, and his mother, Daenara, was President of the highly reputable and prestigious El-Aurian University. His p[rents trained him in etiquette and protocol like his other siblings Kailen, Jaina, and Eldred were. Sonia, the eldest at 4,190, nicknamed the black sheep of the family, cared nothing for the family ordinances, and usually stayed off world exploring the Galaxy. Adrian looked up to most of all was his adventuresome sister.

In 2265, following an unsuccessful attempt to assimilate the El-Aurian people, the populace evacuated the planet as fast as they could before the Borg Cube arrived. Following his sister, they set out for her ship leaving the planet as the Cube entered the system. His only other family aboard was Kailen and Jaina. They eventually found their mother, but never saw there father again.

Arriving on Qo'noS in 2270, they were welcomed into the House of Be'thor, to which Sonia was an adopted member of. Their stay wasn't too eventful, however, Adrian did find a peculiar taste for fresh targ and bloodwine, on extreme occasions developing hangovers when challenged to various drinking contests.

Making their way to Cardassia, Adrian enrolled in their top University. After receiving his diploma, they left from there and arrived on Bajor in 2297. There, Adrian learned much about their rich and ancient culture. With the port nacelles in need of repair, they touched down near Angel Falls on Betazed in 2304. During their stay, the young humanoid fell in love with a young woman named Katia Norana of the Second House.

Arriving on Earth, Sonia enrolled in Starfleet Academy, and made Captain in little time, while Adrian entered Harvard. After his graduation in 2333, he returned a year later to Betazed, while Sonia was in Command of the USS Illustrious. Making a home there, he later enrolled at Betazed University in 2351, and later Oxford in 2357, and finally the Daystrom in 2363. In his search for knowledge, he hungered to see the rest of the Galaxy. His chance came when he almost lost his sister in the Battle of Wolf 359, Captaining the USS Gage. Making up his mind, the El-Aurian male applied to Starfleet Academy and was accepted. Many cadets, such as Jason Cromwell, Machalia Braddox, and David Grear, became some of his closest friends, and gave him a plethora of nicknames. Some of these were 'rug-rat' and 'little-guy' for his youthful appearance, the occasional 'granddad' for his age, and 'heartthrob' by many of the female cadets who saw him workout at the gym (many of which he did his best to avoid!). Graduating 1st in his class, Adrian chose the field of Counseling, due both to his extensive knowledge in the field, and his love for helping others. His first assignment was the USS Andromeda, and it took him little time to become accustomed to traveling again. Normally in uniform, her found people more open when he was dressed in civilian attire. Even off duty, personnel seemed drawn to him, apologizing afterwards if they'd disturbed him any. Some even commented that he should have been a bartender. Early in the year 2376, the Andromeda came in for repairs, after a dogfight with a Jem'Hadar fighter, causing a major refit of the hull to take place. It was during that time, that the Counselor was offered a commission to serve aboard the Galaxy. He took it with little hesitation.

Late in the year of 2376, Adrian was promoted to Lieutenant junior grade while serving aboard the USS Galaxy. Just over a year, later Adrian was promoted to full Lieutenant.

In addition, in the same year, Adrian married Zerhi No'hisyndiosyn, sister to friend and former Co- Ten Forward Manager Gailyn. They are expecting their first child toward the end of the year.

Later that year, Adrian was re-united with his mother Daenara, a Professor at the Vulcan Academy of Science.

Adrian was sent on assignment for a short time to help the counseling Department on the USS Commodore. There, he became Chief Counselor. After his assignment was completed; he returned, his wife with him, back to the Galaxy, a ship he has begun to recently consider home.

Personality profile:
Adrian is a relatively quiet and friendly person, who loves spending time with friends and family, and of course, listening to a good story. The race-shared reputation of a listener has helped his young image as a Counselor, impressing at times many a colleague with his skills.

True to his friends, he has never turned his back on one of them, and stays with them until the end. However, above all, he is fiercely loyal and ever faithful to his precious Zerhi, whom he considers precious and beautiful beyond words.

Apart from a race-shared enmity of the Q, he carries a deep malevolent hatred for the Borg after what they did to his people. At times, the thoughts bring him vivid memories and haunting nightmares of the day, his Homeworld was destroyed.

Special notes:
Considered handsome by many humanoid standards, Adrian is tall and fair-complected humanoid with short dark-blonde hair, and bright azure eyes. He is broadly shouldered and incredibly strong as a result from working out. Because of his racial 'gifts,' he appears to the average eye as a Terran male in his late teens/early twenties.

Adrian possesses an incredible intellect, with vast knowledge on countless worlds, the majority of whom are still unknown to the Federation. This innate passion for learning has resulted in impressive academic achievement, earning him impressively strong degrees in his chosen fields of study.

Like all El-Aurians, Adrian possesses a near-immortal lifespan, eidetic memory, empathic abilities, and coupled with near-impenetrable mental shielding, a mid-level telepathic ability. This ability extends from reading basic surface thought up to communication. They can recognize the 1presence2 of their own kind within the same vicinity. Their intuitive senses extend beyond that of the Betazoids, past normal linear space-time. Because of this, they are sensitive to time and its2 movement, space-time direction, temporal distortions, disruptions, alterations, loops, etc., and even a small degree of Clairvoyance. It is unknown as to what else this species can do, since they are a very private, tight-lipped race. However, evidence has shown that they make beings like the Q uncomfortable, though neither side will explain why, or give indication as to the cause.

His brother and sister, Kailen and Jaina live on Betazed, and are each married to a member of the second and third Houses of Betazed respectively. They are currently Diplomats for Betazed, and have a well-respected and deserved reputation.

For going above and beyond the call of duty, risking her life saving her crew at the Battle of Wolf 359, and countless other occasions of selfless behavior, Sonia was promoted to the rank of Admiral in 2367, and enjoys it to this day. She occasionally uses her old El-Aurian ship, the Orioni't'hazi to fly in.

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