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   Name:    Ardra MacGrath
   Terran age:   35
   Height:   5' 4"
   Weight:   53 kilograms
   Species:   Human
   Place of birth:   Dungarvan, Ireland
   Languages:   Bajoran, English, Klingon
   Interests:   Spell Casting, Playing with Children and embracing life.

2359 - 2367   Dublin Collage, Ireland
2367 - 2371   Starfleet Academy, San Francisco
2371 - 2373   Starfleet Medical, Behavioral Sciences Unit

Service Record:
2373 - 2375   Ensign, Starfleet Investigations Unit - Starfleet Headquarters
2375 - 2375   Promoted - Lieutenant jg., Starfleet Investigations Unit - Attached to Starbase 429
2375 - 2377   Transfered - Lieutenant jg., Starfleet Investigations Unit / Counsellor - USS Saratoga
2377 - 2378   Promoted - Lieutenant, SIU, Counsellor / Criminal Psycologist - Mars Colony
2378 - present   Transfered - Lieutenant, Starfleet Investigations Unit / Counsellor - USS Galaxy

2373   Doctorate in Behavioral Sciences, Starfleet Medical

Ardra was born in the Ireland town of Dungarvan, a town where her very last name held a rich history dating well back to the 1400's. Her parents were local town administrators and were well respected among the community. As Ardra grew up, she learnt many things about her rich family history and how her family was originally persecuted and then finally returned to there birth lands in the late 1600's.

She learnt that most of the women in times before followed a religion called Wicca. She learnt that this religion was earth based with a strong belief in nature's own cycles. When she was sent to Dublin Collage to study and follow her family's footsteps she found her own path both academically and religiously.

When Ardra entered her second and final year of collage, she knew what she wanted to do. Ardra picked up Biology, Medical Sciences, Earth Sciences and history. She graduated at the end of school and applied to Starfleet Academy, gaining acceptance. During her 4 years at Starfleet Academy, she focused on the Medical, Psychological and security fields. She made a number of friends at the academy and was always known for her lack of tact and the annoying habit of calling things as she saw it. While she didn't study she occupied her time by playing the recorder and her violin which she had done since she was 6.

After her 4 years at Starfleet Academy, she continued her studies at Starfleet's Behavioral Science's unit. The unit specialized in the teaching of detailed psychological analysis, this included Criminal Psychology and other non general cases. After 3 years of study, Ardra graduated in a Doctorate in Behavioral Sciences with a Major in Psychology.

After graduation Starfleet Investigations requested her to work as a psychological investigator dealing with internal Starfleet and civilian areas. After 2 years of profiling for Starfleet Investigations she applied for a transfer to a starship, in 2378 she received orders to report to the USS Galaxy via the USS Castlemain at Starbase 415.

Personality profile:
Ardra has the stereotypical Irish manner, but she is a friendly person with a light heart and stubborn Iron will. What Ardra is, is a person that will give anything a go at least once, she is a firm believer that while playing the game of life is a risk on it's own, to really live is to have fun.

Ardra spends a lot of her free time either casting spells, playing with the children on board the ship or having fun at one of the many gathering spots on board the ship. Which is her own way of dealing with the job of being a profiler and a criminal psychologist, she has seen may gruesome acts that men and women have played on other humans and aliens. For this reason and her belief Ardra is extremely non violent, but she will defend herself if attacked.

Special notes:
Ardra follows the way of the women before her, when off duty she can often be found on an observation deck relaxing or playing with the children on board the ship. Ardra is also a trained security officer, due to the nature of her previous postings, Ardra has had extensive training in Tactical policing responses and negotiating.

Ardra stands 5 Foot 4 and weigh only 53 kilograms, she is of a medium build and has short black hair which she cut when she knew about her transfer to the Galaxy. Her eyes are a hazel color and are as clear as glass, looking in on her very spirit.

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