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   Name:    Arel Smith
   Nickname:    Targ
   Terran age:   25
   Height:   5' 7"
   Weight:   130 lbs
   Species:   Human
   Place of birth:   Klingon planet Qo'nos
   Languages:   English, Klingon
   Interests:   combat, studying mythology, reading, swimming, eating non-Klingon food

2374 - 2377   Starfleet Academy - San Francisco

Service Record:
2377 - 2378   Ensign, Security Officer - USS Galaxy
2378 - present   Promoted - Lieutenant jg., Security Officer - USS Galaxy


Arel's father, Allen Smith, was a leading Klingon historian/sociologist who spent years, with Arel in tow, studying the Klingons. Arel was born on the planet of Qo'nos because of her father's refusal to leave the planet for Earth (where her mother wanted her to be born) until it was too late. Arel's mother died when she was three leaving Arel to be raised by her father, who, in her opinion, was more interested in the Klingons than her.

Arel spent much of her adolescence growing up between two worlds. Some years she would go to schools on earth, others she would be schooled on a Klingon world or outpost. She always felt out of place, as she was considered a bully on Earth but weak to the Klingons. When she was fourteen she began attending Klingon school regularly and worked hard to try and pass as close to Klingon as she could.

At age fifteen, Arel met B'rec, who decided to take "mercy" on her, as he called it, and teach her the ropes, such as they were. With B'rec to support her, Arel wasn't picked on nearly as often, although there was an incident when she was seventeen where a rowdy Klingon challanged her to a fight and nearly won, giving her the scar on her stomach with his mek'leth. B'rec was so proud of her that he gave her his mek'leth and made her get a tattoo with the word courage on her back.

sadly, her best friend B'rec was killed only two months later while raiding a romulan outpost. To cope with the loss, Arel went further into her Klingon shell and her father began to worry if this life was really the best for her. He decided that it would be best if she returned to earth to which Arel was outraged.

Arel retaliated by defying her father and joining with B'rec's friends on more raids against the Romulans. After being caught in 2371 by the Federation, her father made a bargain with the judge that Arel would join the Academy and work for at least on tour of duty. Arel was livid with the notion but promised by a blood oath to her father that she would complete her sentance.

The next four years at the Academy were the hardest of her life She found it harder than ever to make friends, her "Klingonishness" earned her the nickname of "Targ" (a Klingon pet) by her peers and she had trouble getting along with people in general. She followed orders well enough but it was easy to tell that she found the whole process distasteful. About the only joy she took from the whole experience was that she had resources to learn more combat and study her myths.

No Unfortunately, her father died about two months before her graduation. Now, having finished training, she is honor-bound to complete her assinment aboard the Galaxy.

In early 2378, Arel received her first promotion to Lieutenant junior grade while serving on board the USS Galaxy.

Personality profile:
Arel Smith is what you'd call a true Gemini, completely two faced. To most people she will appear to be your average Klingon, tough, fierce, a little arrogant, impatient, and stubborn. If she let's you into her world you will find that she's almost the complete opposite, quiet, bookish (she likes to study ancient myths in her spare time!)and even god-forbid friendly. She let's very few people to that point however. Arel is not actively insubordinate but its pretty clear that what her feelings are no matter the subject. For example, she would never openly challenge the Captain's authority but she might raise an eyebrow or give a small shrug that would give away her feelings. She does have problems with authority and regulations, and is generally unhappy about the state she is in, but her motto about the whole situation is this- "A Klingon does not complain about discomfort"

That said, Arel is sick to death of Klingon idioms and if she hears the phrase "Its a good day to die" one more time she thinks she might have to slay someone. If pushed enough, Arel will definately push back, unless you outrank her (and then even then, everyone has their breaking point)

Arel has a slightly dry/slightly offbeat sense of humor, which shines through from time to time, but only if she likes you.

Special notes:
Possesions she holds near and dear:
B'car's mek'leth
Holo image of her mom and dad
her stuffed cat, Feklar

*Physical Description: Pale skin with dark brown hair and blue/green eyes. Hair is shoulder length, sometimes pulled back,with a couple of little braids.

Distinguishing Marks- Knife scar on lower abdomen, Klingon word "courage" tattoed on lower back.

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