Name:    Brightspot to-Srallansre
   Terran age:   24
   Height:   6' 1"
   Weight:   73 lbs
   Species:   Sivaoan
   Place of birth:   Sivao
   Languages:   Caitian, English, Kzinti
   Interests:   wood-carving, hand-to-hand combat, climbing, gardening

2360 - 2365   Tribal Schooling, Sivao
2369 - 2373   Starfleet Academy - San Francisco

Service Record:
2373 - 2374   Ensign, Security Officer - USS Atlantis
2374 - 2375   Ensign, Special Operations - Starfleet Command
2375 - 2377   Lieutenant jg., Security Officer - USS Galaxy
2377 - present   Promoted - Lieutenant, Security Officer - USS Galaxy

2372   Citation of Conspicuous Gallantry
2375   Starfleet Iron Cross


Brightspot was born in 2352 on Sivao. She was given the childhood name of Curious-Tail, as she stuck her tail into everything she could find and also everyone's business as soon as she could crawl, even if it did not concern her. To this day, she still has the same curious nature that caused her so much trouble and a lot of whacks by annoyed adults (see Special Notes).

Brightspot spent her childhood on the Sivao homeworld, living in primitive conditions. Her great grandmother, also named Brightspot, told her stories of when Captain James Tiberius Kirk visited the Sivao homeworld on Stardate 1573.4 on a expedition to help save a Sivaoan penal colony, Eeiauo.

Brightspot was intrigued with the stories, and repeatedly listened with great interest about space, James Kirk and the original USS Enterprise. When she reached adult age, Brightspot stowed away on a Federation supply ship and headed off through space.

She was found quickly and dumped at the nearest Federation station, Deep Space 2. For four years, she worked hard as a waitress to get enough money to head to Earth and managed to befriend some of the Starfleet officers. The station commander heard about her plight from one of the officers, and arranged passage for her aboard a visiting Starfleet vessel that was heading back to Earth, the USS Aggamennon. He also sent a subspace message to Starfleet Academy's Personnel Office, informing them that he would personally vouch for Brightspot's automatic acceptance into the Academy.

Brightspot finally arrived at Earth and headed straight for the Academy, where she was accepted. Upon consultation between Brightspot, the Academy Staff and the Sivaoan Ambassador to the Federation, it was decided that Brightspot's best career choice was into Security.

With help from the Academy counsellors, Brightspot was able to pass all of her Starfleet courses and excel in many of her Security courses, especially unarmed combat.

During a summer break from the Academy, Brightspot and a group of seven other Security cadets went on a trip to the Terran colony, Gamma Hydra 9. As they were arriving, an Orion raiding party started a ground assault on the main colony. Brightspot and the other cadets got word to Starfleet and then landed in the colony. Using their Starfleet training to get the colonists into a fighting group, the colony was able to hold off the raiders long enough for the USS Discovery, a Royal Sovereign Battlecruiser, arrived with a contigent of Marines. The Discovery took the cadets back to Earth after the Orions were arrested and the ship tractored. Back on Earth, the cadets were all given Citations of Conspicuious Gallantry for their efforts to protect the colony at great personal risk.

Upon completion of her Academy studies, Brightspot was assigned to the USS Atlantis.   When her brother was kidnapped by Orions, Brightspot left the Atlantis and joined a SpecialOps team to head into Orion space to break up a cartel operation. Her brother was rescued and she recieved a promotion to Lt jg plus the Iron Cross.

She has recently transferred to the USS Galaxy's Security department to be near her close friend, Lt Cmdr K'Eytyanna Samara.

In 2375, K'Eytyanna was involved in a serious accident that sent her deaf. She decided to take an extended leave of unknown length away from Starfleet to try and get her hearing back. Brightspot stayed aboard the Galaxy when Kay left with her targ, and moved to smaller quarters.

In late 2377, Brightspot was promoted to full Lieutenant while serving in the Galaxy's security department on Delta shift.

Personality profile:

Brightspot is an optimist by nature, and displays a strong loyalty. She gets along well with others and trys to be friendly to everyone she meets. She is very compassionate, and willing to help others when needed.

Brightspot also display an intensly passionate curiosity about everything around her, and uses her tail a lot to prod things. In social and sometimes formal situations, Brightspot may wrap her tail around the hands of others as a sign of friendship. This is a standard Sivaoan trait.

A Sivaoan's emotional state can be judged by their tail, ears and fur, just like Terran cats.
(E-mail me if any queries about reactions to specific emotions that you don't know about).

Special notes:

Brightspot is ambidextrous, displays incredible agility plus contortion abilities and has retractable claws on all four paws, like any Sivaoan. She loves eating raw, bloody meat and chewing on a very hot Sivaoan spice called tail-kinkers (for very obvious reasons). However, she does not keep her diet to meat only, but does always prefer for the majority of her food to be raw meat.

Most Sivaoans do not like swimming and are aquaphobic, but Brightspot has become accustomed to swimming during her Academy years (however only when neccessary).

Description and Physical Condition :
Height - 6' 1"
Weight - 73 lbs.
Tail Length - 4'
Eye colour - Green
Fur colour - Tawny brown

Brightspot is in amazing physical condition and can regularly be found in the ship gymnasium or holodeck.

Notes on Sivaoans :
Sivaoans and the homeworld were introduced in the Original Series novel "Uhura's Song", and were created by Janet Kagan. Sivaoans are a feline sentient species who are members of the Federation, and are strongly nomadic.

An offshoot colony, Eeiauo, is part of the Federation, and it was during a mission to save Eeiauo from a fatal disease called ADF Syndrome that Sivao was discovered. After the mission, Sivao joined the Federation. ADF turned out to be a simple childhood disease, commonly called Noisy-Baby by the Sivaoans, for which Eeiauoans and the Federation had no defense against. If not treated, Noisy-Baby / ADF Syndrome is fatal.

A simple Sivao preventative and cure was given as a gift by the Sivaoans. Since the incident, Sivao, Eeiauo and Starfleet Medical have discovered a means to make sure that Noisy-Baby is non-communicable from the Sivaoans, thus allowing them to move throughout the Federation (Brightspot had Noisy-Baby when she was a child, but has had the non-communicable shot given to her before she left Sivao).

As with Terran cats, Sivaoans have claws in all four paws and keep them sharp for defense. In close combat, they will pounce onto others, biting and raking their rear claws. Sivaoans have thick skulls and regular punishment is a sharp clout to the head. The best way to stop a Sivaoan attack is to screech, as this is the signal to stop that they are taught early on.

Sivaoans have pretensile tails. Their tail can be used for various different tasks, and is strong enough to hold a standard Type-II phaser. Sivaoans can walk easily on two or four feet, depending on the situation. They can climb trees incredibly quickly, using their tails to great benefit. They also have the feline ability of always landing on their feet and the ability to get through passages that look far too small for their bodies.

Sivaoans wear a modified Starfleet uniform, with no boots and a hole for their tail to poke through. Also like cats, they preen themselves and their saliva has a natural aniseptic, which helps to stop infection.

Due to thousands of years of evolution, the 'smell' sense of Sivaoans has become so strong that it can pick up minute chemical changes caused by emotions, such as happiness, guilt, anger, fear and many many others. This 'emotion smell' sense does not work straight away for people she has not met, but takes a short while (a few days) for her to distinguish. They are also strictly refuse to drink alcohol, as they dislike the smell and taste.

Another curious result of Sivao's evolutionary processes is that all Sivaoans have photographic memories when dealing with conversations.Because of this, Sivaoans do not normally use libraries, and this was a stumbling block for Brightspot at the Academy. At most times, she remebers to check if she needs to but sometimes, she just doesn't assume that she could look up information. For other types of memory, their memory is equal with Terrans.

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