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   Name:    James Lionel Corgan
   Terran age:   25
   Height:   6' 0"
   Weight:   195 lbs
   Species:   Terran
   Place of birth:   USS Calgary, NCC-40321, Excelsior Class
   Languages:   Bolian, English, Klingon, Vulcan
   Interests:   Producing music, playing the electric guitar, songwriting, target shooting and capture the flag.

2371 - 2375   Starfleet Academy - San Francisco

Service Record:
2375 - 2376   Ensign, Security Officer - USS Thunderchild
2377 - 2377   Ensign, Security Officer - USS Galaxy
2377 - 2377   Promoted - Lieutenant jg, Security Officer - USS Galaxy
2377 - 2377   Transfered - Lieutenant jg, Operations Officer - USS Galaxy
2377 - present   Promoted - Lieutenant, Ast. Chief Operations Officer - USS Galaxy

2374   "Silver Bullet" Award for Best Shot.

James Lionel Corgan was born on 2353, on board the USS Sullivan, an Excelsior Class vessel on deep exploration. His parents were both officers onboard the Sullivan, and as a result James Corgan was raised on spaceships for most of his life. His upbringing had two major influences on his life, space travel and music.

In his family history, his ancestors were made up of mostly musicians and entertainers. The family business of music has long roots, some of them extending well into the late 20th century. James’ parents decided to break the mold by joining Starfleet, while still clinging onto their musical roots by performing their music with the ship’s band onboard as well as on shore leave. This on the go lifestyle didn’t leave much time for the Corgans to be together as a family, except when James and his younger sister Courtney learned the family trade of instrument playing. By the age of 4, James was learning how to play the electric guitar while his sister learned how to use synthesizers. 8 years later, “The Corgans” were one of the most popular bands in Starfleet. This proved to be more stressful for James and Courtney, since their fun hobby turned into a busy schedule of performances at social functions and shore leaves. It strained the relationship with their parents who seemed to want more out of their kids. After spending 13 years “on the road” in the Sullivan, then 4 years on the USS Kodiak (New Orleans Class), James’s parents transferred to the USS Odyssey, a Galaxy Class ship. Both parents had less and less time to spend with their kids once they got promoted to senior staff, leaving James to extend his role as a big brother to Courtney. The strain on the family almost came to a breaking point until after James’ 18th birthday. He decided that he had enough with music. That led him to the only other job that he knew, Starfleet. He passed the entrance exam and was immediately taken to Starfleet Academy.

At Starfleet Academy, things were going fine. His grades were excellent, his sister moved to Earth to help take over their uncle’s business “Smashed Up Sanity” Records, and he even had a girlfriend called Lita Jovan. James Corgan finally felt at peace, like he had an important role in the world. All that was about to change. He heard news of the Odyseey, which was destroyed by Jem’Hadar fighters had all hands lost including his parents. His uncle died of heart failure, leaving Courtney to run a multi-planetary music recording and distribution company at the young age of 17. To make matters worse, his girlfriend dumped him for a Klingon warrior. The Klingon warrior later challenged him to a duel, which James narrowly lost and was lucky to even walk away alive. With no girlfriend, no parents and a younger sister in trouble for which he can do nothing about, he felt like nothing could make his world better. He slipped through heavy depression, which affected his grades and resulted in 3 months of counseling, which did nothing to help his emotional pain. To add icing on the cake, James Corgan was on correspondence for 3 months on board the USS Thunderchild (Akira Class) when the Borg invaded Federation space (See Star Trek: First Contact). He was at the wrong place at the wrong time. During the battle, he and a security force were on their way to engineering when a trio of Borg beamed into the ship. His security party was able to shoot down two Borg, but the third one adapted to their phaser frequency. While James was trying to adjust the frequency of his phaser, the Borg grabbed him and nearly injected him with nanoprobes. James was able to change the phaser frequency with his last ounce of strength, and fired point blank into the Borg, killing it. To this day, James wakes up with nightmares of the traumatic experience. Another 3 months of counseling was forced on him, with no effect.

After an attempted suicide, his roomate Sotek (a Vulcan female science major) saved him from near death without ratting him out on the dean. From then on, the two became good friends. They even made a band together, called “Lost Souls”. The combination of hard rock, techno industrial beats and Vulcan harp proved to be a hit at academy parties. James Corgan and Sotek became a unbeatable team, using Sotek’s grasp of science to help James pass his tests, while James in return tutored her in engineering, taught her how to fight and shoot, and even saved her from “pon farr”. A series of events prevented her from going to Vulcan, and James was requested to help (what are the odds?). After graduation, the two went their separate ways. Ensign Sotek served aboard the USS Tokyo (Oberth Class) as a science officer while Ensign Corgan went back to the Thunderchild. Shortly after his assignment was handed to him, the Thunderchild took part in the invasion of Cardassia Prime, where it was shot down and crash-landed on Cardassia Prime’s surface. Luckily out of 38 people to survive the crash, Ensign Corgan was one of them. The survivors were even picked up by Cardassian rebels instead of Dominion patrols. Ensign Corgan was injured from the crash, so he spent a month on Deep Space 9 recovering. Afterwards, he was given a new assignment, the USS Galaxy.

In mid 2377, Corgan had proven his value as a Starfleet Officer and received his first promotion to Lieutenant junior grade while serving on board the USS Galaxy. Near the end of the year, Corgan requested a transfer of departments from Security to Operations, mostly to be closer to his friend, Electra Reece.

In a rather awkward turn of events at the end of 2377, Lieutenant Electra Reece became the Chief Operations Officer on board the Galaxy when Mister Savat left. This had the benefit of getting Corgan a promotion to full Lieutenant and a new assignment as Assistant Chief Operations Officer (Electra's old position) on the ship. Unfortunately their new responsibilities as department head and assistant department head makes both of them that much more under the microscope so to speak, making pursuing any sort of a romantic relationship that much more difficult...

Personality profile:
James Corgan is not the most stable guy in the universe. He became manic-depressive after his near assimilation experience, a problem that persists after all this time. He has some issues dealing with his parents, and how he feels guilt for not trying to heal the family before his parents died. He has a healthy hatred for the Dominion because of his parent’s death and the crash on Cardassia Prime. He still visits counselors on a weekly basis, but still hasn’t found the counselor that could help him deal with his pain. Most of the time, he is very quiet, extremely polite, non-assuming and introversive. He also tries to avoid arguments and even show considerable restraint when he’s angry, but when backed into a corner or an argument he can’t get out of he won’t hesitate to yell back. He prefers to pour his emotion out on his songwriting and music than talk to his few friends about it. The only friend he truly trusts his secrets with is Ensign Sotek, whom he tries to talk to every chance he gets. He’ll usually tell other crewmates who try to be friends with him to “Talk to me later, I’m thinking about something for my music.” He’ll try to use the “song idea” as an excuse to get out of social conversations. He does however participate in holodeck games of capture-the-flag, laserball and springball to make the counselors happy.

In his spare time, he loves to make music. Sometimes, the adjacent rooms on board the ship can hear his furious guitar rifts and synthesized music, or nothing at all meaning he’s writing another song. He’ll habitually go to the holodeck during his spare time to practice with one of the many holo-bands he can choose from throughout history. Most people find his music annoying and to dark since classical music is all the rage in Starfleet. This doesn’t make him give up rock and roll, since he hopes that rock will once again become the most popular music for humans. His plans for the future also include becoming a starship captain, and later a musician so that he can earn the latinum to buy his own home deep in space where he can live his life in peace.

He is also pessimistic on such topics as love and atheism. Even though atheists account for well over 90% of the human population, he does believe that some God does exist. He will show this by snickering at the mention of atheism or disbelief of God. When it comes to love, he believes that true love rarely exists, and it only comes to those who don’t deserve it.

The reason he is so pessimistic about love is not because of his last girlfriend, but because he is a romantic at heart. Lita did affect his views on love, but his “pon farr” incident, his secret feeling for Ensign Sotek and the fact that love between a Vulcan and a Terran is difficult has made him resent love and believe that the universe is cruel when it comes to romance.

As for people who could hate them, couples in love might not like his attitude around them, atheists might think he’s full of bull plop, polite people call him troubled, while everyone else wishes that he would stop being so passive-aggresive and anti-social. People that could like him are other fellow poets and artists that share his views.

During the last few months on the Galaxy, he went through a myriad of personal changes. The impersonal, detached, cold as a Breen Winter Corgan changed into a more emotional, more compassionate man. He had to change his views on love when he fell in love with Electra Reece. During his second Borg incident, his hidden anger at the Borg revealed a bloody and cruel side. He became less inclined to kill without remorse, and he even feels guilt for the enemies that died by his hands.

Having a taste of responsibility, he aims to command someday. It was either command a ship, or retire on a planet, which was not his preferred choice because of his preference for ship's gravity.

Special notes:
Mother: Lt. Maria Ramirez Corgan, Science Officer. Died on board the USS Odyssey
Father: Lt. Commander Matthew Corgan, Chief Tactical Officer. Died on board the USS Odyssey
Sister: Courtney Corgan. CEO of “Smashed Up Sanity” Records*.

James used to own a Mekh'leth. He gained it during a challenge from a angry Klingon named K'ringe, who wanted to duel Corgan to the death. With a little trickery and some time, K'ringe was arrested while Corgan was left with the weapon. He later doctored it into a fake master crafted weapon, and gave it to a gullible Lieutenant in exchange for a box of rare music CD's.

His pon'farr experience with Lieutenant Sotek (USS Tokyo) is known by some Vulcans. Some may react with disgust at the thought of a human and a vulcan copulating, but others may see it as a noble act to save her from a deadly situation.

*”Smashed Up Sanity” Records: A music recording and distribution company that has been running on Earth since 2202. It specializes in Terran rock and roll music in it’s various forms, dance music and even (sigh) classical music popular among humans. After merging with “Glorious Death” Records, a Klingon company, it has also distributed Klingon opera and “Opera Rock”, a form of Klingon Death Metal and Opera.

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