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   Name:    Marcus Corinno III
   Terran age:   29
   Height:   1m82
   Weight:   85kgs
   Species:   Human
   Place of birth:   Florence, Italy, Earth
   Languages:   Bajoran, English, Klingon
   Interests:   Floorbal, Historical and Archeological sciences, holonovels

2354 - 2360   Basic education, Florence
2360 - 2366   Swiss Private School, Geneva
2366 - 2370   Starfleet Academy, San Franscisco

Service Record:
2370 - 2371   Ensign, Flight Control Officer - USS Enterprise
2371 - 2373   Ensign, Chief Flight Control Officer - USS Galileo
2373 - 2374   Lieutenant (jg), Science Officer - USS Galileo
2374 - 2376   Lieutenant (jg), Science Officer - USS Enterprise
2376 - 2378   Lieutenant (jg), Science Officer, Bajor (part-time duties)
2378 - present   Lieutenant (jg), Science Officer - USS Galaxy

2376   Purple Heart for injuries in combat at Cardassia prime
2378   Bajoran Elerakan award for participation in the Herod expedition

Marcus Corinno was born as the third Marcus in his family history, and thus was named Marcus Corinno the third. The Corinno's, originating from as far as Earth's medeival Italy, are a family of nobility with many traditions. But from the very beginning of his life, young Marcus was a rebel against this tradition. Despite being educated at a private school, Marcus remained friends with the 'common folk' of his hometown, and was opposed to elitairian behavior. This didn't bother his family too much, since nobility had been pretty much pass9 since the late twentyone hundreds. Besides, Marcus had two older brothers who were more than willing to continue the family heritage.

Enjoying the best education possible, on a world where there was no poor education left of course, Marcus' intellect flourished on a young age. He proved to be a proficient student in the natural sciences, and he was also very motivated to become a man of science. Being lucky as well as talented during most of his education, Marcus graduated with very high grades from his private school in Switzerland, and later from Starfleet Academy.

His first few years in Starfleet, Marcus spent as a helm officer. First, he was assigned to the prestiguous USS Enterprise, as a gamma shift Helm officer. Doing well, he eared a promition to senior helm officer on one of the first Akira class vessels to go around, the USS Galileo. From there, young Marcus worked his way towards the science department. This was where he first clashed with his family, as they had envisioned a command role for him. By that time, his brothers had established themselves as a reknowned politician and as a succesful businessman respectively. Marcus stood firm, and continued to persue a scientific career though, and after a short conflict this was accepted in the family as well.

In 2374, Marcus was reassigned to the USS Enterprise as science officer, which allowed him to live through many exiting adventures. Unfortunately, the war with the Dominion cut his blooming career short as he was critically injured in a Dominion attack in 2376. His body healed quickly, but for rehabilitation he had to work for several years on a light duty. His brother got him assigned to an archeological project on Bajor as a Starfleet attach9, which went pretty poorly at first. Later on, when Marcus regained his motivation, the Herod expedition became an inspiration to him. In his work time, Marcus became a key member of the expedition, and in his spare time he learned all he could about archeology and history, of Bajor and of Earth too, as a hobby.

In 2378, when the Herod expedition was finished and formally proclaimed a succes, Marcus was assigned on his first Starfleet assignment since his injury, as a science officer on the USS Galaxy. There, he functions as a social sciences expert and archeology officer, as well as being useful an any other field of science.

Personality profile:
As an officer, Marcus is loyal but stubborn. He believes in his own opinion, and he is not afraid to express it. However, he is more than willing to make way for others when the situation calls for it. As a person, Marcus is friendly and polite. He is a talker and has a charming manner about him. Many people like him when they meet, while some consider him slick and smooth. As a friend, Marcus is also loyal, and will attempt to practice honesty before tact.

In his analyses of a situation, Marcus will attempt to get a full grasp of a historical situation, before passing judgement. He is, however, a bit too proud to admit he doesn't know an answer. In such situations he often resorts to speculations. However, his previous commanding officers have never had problems with recognizing this. Marcus is a very poor liar, all the more because he can be very confident when he knows he's right.

In relationships, Marcus has proven to be an unreliable partner. The few steady girlfriends he has had, have all lost against the allmighty Starfleet career. Only on Bajor, where Marcus had the opportunity to stay on one place for a longer time, did he have the chance to commit himself for several years to a beautiful Bajoran. When Marcus was reassigned to the Galaxy, he promised himself to visit her as often as possible.

Special notes:
Marcus has difficulty in dealing with wartime stress, ever since the Dominion war. Also, he regards anyone who deems himself better than others as a fool, because of his family history. Yet, this same family history causes Marcus to regard himself as better and more important than others, even though this is just a subconscious principle.

Furthermore, one of the first forefathers of Marcus was a founding noble of the city-state of Naples, hence his nobility.

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