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   Name:    Vailen Daitaal (pronounced day-tall)
   Terran age:   36
   Height:   5' 11"
   Weight:   165 lbs
   Species:   Rutian
   Place of birth:   Rutia IV
   Languages:   Andorian, English, Klingon, Rutian
   Interests:   Rutian music, Medieval Earth History, Strategy Games, Target Shooting, Martial fighting, enjoys various spirits from all races (alcohol, not synthahol), Combat Training

2360 - 2368   Rutian Military Marine Academy
2370 - 2374   Starfleet Academy - San Francisco
2375 - 2377   Starfleet Academy Command Training - San Francisco

Service Record:
2360 - 2368   Marine - Rutian Military
2378 - 2378   Ensign, Tactical Officer - USS Galaxy
2378 - present   Promoted, Lieutenant jg, Tactical Officer - USS Galaxy


Vailen Daitaal was born on Rutia IV in the year 2342 to Liassa Daitaal, a refugee living in Baalicar, one of the small towns in the hills of the Valoor Region. He was born to a mother and no father...his Father left Liassa shortly after she was impregnated. She bore Vailen, and loved him greatly, and cared for him the best she could. Rutia IV has been locked in civil war for many, many years. Since before Vailen was born.. In 2359, enemy forces marched into Baalicar and slaughtered the adults, and left the children alone to die. He left the remains of his village behind, and made haste for Hillgav, the Capitol of the Valoor Region. In 2360, before his 18th birthday, he joined the military. The war was brutal, but necissary he thought. After eight years of savage fighting, he retired from the military in 2368, a tired man. He lived in Hillgav, but remained restless with the war still waging outside of the walls of the city. Still, he turned a blind eye. In 2369, when the Enterprise came to Rutia IV, he was so impressed by the way they operated, the way the Federation seemed to be what he was missing for so many years....... order. In the Terran Year of 2370, He was accepted to Starfleet Acadamy, and had a very rough first year adapting to the ways of the Federation, being used to the brutality in the Rutian Civil War. He voluntarily took a course in Federation Protocol, and with this new found knowledge, he flaired in his second year as he discovered a love for Electronics, and this blossomed into his specialty. Doing so well in his final years of Starfleet Acadamy, he was then assigned to Starfleet Command School for further training for two years.

In 2378 after serving on board the Galaxy for several months, Vailen received his first promotion to Lieutenant junior grade.

Personality profile:
Vailen has led a very difficult life, and this shows in his general difficulty in making friends. Even though he is years out of Rutian Military, he maintains a strict training regiment for himself, and will never question the chain of command. He is known however, to completely loosen up when true alcohol flows...he despises synthahol, and considers himself a conosuir of Alien Liquers. Actually, he has only had a few differant kinds, but wishes to become a conosuir. Almost prodically intelligent in tactical situations due to his years of service in Rutian Military, he just seems to have a "knack" for it. He has had to learn, through Starfleet training, not to "take command" of situations so much....again, he is used to this from Rutian training. One of his prime attractions is music, primarily Rutian because he has not had much experiance with other races musics. He has also developed a love of Medieval Earth (Terran) History, particularily the 9th to 11th century, and believes it to be much a time like once on Rutia IV.

Special notes:
Humanoids from Rutia IV. Very similar to Terrans and distinguished by their hair. Their males are marked by a distinctive white streak and females usually have red hair. Some parts of Rutia IV have been in a civil war for nearly a century. Rutians have spaceflight technology only slighly behind modern standards. They have significant fleet of scientific and commericial ships with a long history of trading with the Federation.

When close quarters combat situations erupt, Vailen sometimes begins reacting on his instincts from the Rutian war rather than rationally thinking through what to do in the situation. This problem almost got him expelled from starfleet acadamy in his first year.

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