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   Name:    Edward Thomas Derecktor
   Terran age:   22
   Height:   1.90m
   Weight:   85kg
   Species:   Human
   Place of birth:   Mamaroneck, New York, USA, Earth - 08-08-2356
   Languages:   English, Klingon
   Interests:   (Solar)sailing, diving, and music

2374 - 2378   Starfleet Academy - San Francisco

Service Record:
2378 - present   Ensign, Flight Control Officer - USS Galaxy


Edward Derecktor is the first son of Robert E. Derecktor the famous builder and designer of starliners and luxurious yachts. Edward grew up in a family that's totally devoted to building starships. The family Derecktor is building yachts now for over 400 years. Derecktor Shipyards is still building seagoing sailing yachts but with the growing capabilities of space travel and technology. Engineering and designing is second nature for Edward. He spend all his free time in his adolescent years on the shipyards of his father and learned the trade from down up. His father strongly supported his son when he decided to go to Star Fleet. Robert E. Derecktor was himself is a former Star Fleet officer attaining the rank of commander before he took over the family company.

Edward shares his father great love, solar sailing. Robert E. designs his own solarwind sailing ships and won the prestigious Federation Cup five times and the only one who has won it four times on a row. He could have won it six times on a row but Edward won the Federation Cup once when he was still at Star Fleet Academy.

After his third year at Star Fleet Academy he requested for a one year leave. He wanted to sail the Federation Cup once himself before he had no chance anymore if he was active service. The commandant honored his request only if he would sail for the Academy and with a crew of only cadets. In a record time of only six months the solarwind ship, the 'Lili Marleen', was build with all support of Star Fleet Engineering Command. Although his crew hadn't any experience in solarwind sailing Edward trained them well and won the race only 87 seconds ahead of his father, the smallest margin ever between first and second place for a race that thanks about 4 weeks. Edward graduated with high honors and was offered a position at a galaxy-class starship although he requested for a position in Star Fleet Destroyer Command where his father had served.

Personality profile:
Edward Derecktor is a very intelligent young man. He has a creative and analytical mind. He is open minded and very direct even to his commanders or higher ranking officers. When on duty, Edward is very serious about his job performance. While off duty, he is a friendly, easygoing person, willing to talk with anyone about anything. If the actions of another person result in making him look bad during the performance of his duties, however, he will seek deliberate (though not malicious) revenge on the perpetrator.

Special notes:
Edward Derecktor is handsome, with pronounced Latin features and a powerful personality to match.

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