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   Name:    Elisa Dickerson
   Terran age:   23
   Height:   5' 7"
   Weight:   105 lbs
   Species:   Human
   Place of birth:   Maine, Earth
   Languages:   English, Gaelic, Klingon, Romulan, Scottish, Spanish, Vulcan
   Interests:   reading, chess, writing

2373 - 2377   Starfleet Academy - San Francisco

Service Record:
2377 - 2378   Ensign, Operations Manager - USS Miranda
2378 - present   Transfered, Ensign, Operations Manager - USS Galaxy


Elisa was born to mother Brandie Sanchez-Blake and father Daniel Dickerson. Elisa was always provided with everything she needed, but very little affection. She didn't know that she lacked it, however, and just grew up thinking this is the way things were supposed to be. She also managed to keep herself amused in her neighborhood, and out of trouble.

Going through school, Elisa always had the potential to be the best in her class. She was afflicted by laziness however, and was more content to do the minimum that let her get by, rather then applying herself to be a star pupil. She didn't have very many friends going through school, although those she did, she held onto, and was very loyal to them.

Her teachers were not very impressed by Elisa, except for those few times when she managed to pull her act together and apply herself. In those cases, she would astound the teachers by performing above and beyond what they expected. Then she would get lazy again, and her performance would drop back down to where they were used to it being at.

When she was seventeen, Elisa decided to join the Academy, and go to Starfleet. Her parents were rather surprised by this, as neither of them were in it, nor was anyone they knew. Unbeknownst to them, a recruiter had come up to her shortly before graduation, and got her interested in the Academy. She had signed up, and was accepted. She left the day after graduation.

Elisa found the Academy a different kettle of fish then the relatively small home town she had left behind. She had managed to graduate her high school in the top twenty percentile, but that wasn't saying much in a graduating class of 153 people. When she got to the Academy, the classes were harder, there were more people, and for the first time since she could remember, Elisa didn't have any friends to console her when things got tough. She briefly tried to make friends with her first year roommate, a lady by the name of Clare Jenkins, but after a debacle involving a party held in their room, relations were severed after that. This was the time that Elisa made the decision that any social life that she did have - which wasn't much - or will have, was going to interfere with her goal. Her goal was to finally realize her potential, prove her parents right and her teachers wrong, and graduate at the head of her class. She missed her goal by fourteen people.

Most would have been satisifed with managing to do that well, but Elisa managed to turn it into some character flaw, that she couldn't reach her goals. Because of this, Elisa is constantly trying to outdo herself, and prove that she can do whatever she sets her mind to. She keeps that goal in front of her al the time, determined to be the best at whatever job she is currently doing.

After graduating the Academy, Elisa was assigned to the USS Miranda, under the Commanding Officer of Admiral Victor Murdock. She discovered that she was good at being in the Operations department, and performed her job to the utmost of her abilites. Her work did slightly go unnoticed, due to departmental difference under the head of the acting operations manager at the time, much to Elisa's chagrin. After a year serving aboard the Miranda, Elisa put in a transfer request to the USS Galaxy.

Personality profile:
Elisa doesn't have many friends, as she is a no-nonsense tpe of person. She first developed this attitude in the Academy, when she decided that a social life was getting in the way of her studies. She had been determined to graduate at the head of the class, and didn't want anything to interfere with that. She succeeded slightly, being able to graduate in the top fifteen, and has always been mad at herself because she didn't hit her goal.

She exudes a "stay away from me" attitude wherever she goes, and very rarely wonders why no one tries to get to know her.

Special notes:
Elisa has what she terms a "yappy" dog, which has gone with her everywhere she has gone, short of the Academy. It is a Pomeranian that goes by the name of Ebby, and is very near-sighted.

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