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   Name:    Elaithin Jii
   Terran age:   29
   Height:   6' 3"
   Weight:   217 lbs
   Species:   Bajoran
   Place of birth:   Takaras, Shakaar Province, Bajor
   Languages:   Bajoran, Cardassian, English, Klingon, Romulan
   Interests:   Chess, Bajoran History, Archaeology, Design, Acting, Snowboarding, Writing, Social events, Naussican Martial Arts

2370 - 2374   Starfleet Academy - San Francisco
2376 - 2377   Starfleet Advanced Tactical School - Saturn station, sector 001

Service Record:
2374 - 2374   Ensign, Operations Officer - USS Kongo
2374 - 2375   Ensign, Operations Officer - USS Galaxy
2375 - 2375   Ensign, Security Officer - USS Galaxy
2375 - 2375   Promoted - Lieutenant jg., Security Officer - USS Galaxy
2375 - 2375   Medical Leave
2375 - 2375   Lieutenant jg., Security Officer - USS Galaxy
2375 - 2377   Promoted - Lieutenant, Security Officer - USS Galaxy
2377 - 2378   Promoted - Lieutenant Commander, Chief of Security - USS Galaxy
2378 - 2378   Transfered - Lieutenant Commander, detatched duty (classified) - Starfleet Command
2378 - present   Transfered - Lieutenant Commander, Chief of Security - USS Galaxy

2375   Awarded Federation Purple Heart for injuries sustained during relief efforts on Cardassia Prime at the conclusion of the Dominion War.
2375   Awarded Medal of Valor - Starfleet Command

2375   Arrested; Conduct unbecoming a Starfleet Officer. Sentenced to one night in Brig.

Jii grew up in the city of Takaras on Bajor, the son of Elaithin Keri , widowed when he was six years old. Aside from that, he has a brother, Pel, who is a Vedek. His father and baby sister, a girl by the name of Elaithin Lena, were believed lost when the Cardassin Military attacked the communal home that the family shared with several others, believing it to be a cell of the Bajoran resistance. Later, at the age of 11, Jii did become a member of the resistance, for nine years up until the Cardassian Withdrawal. His mother was a very successful artist, and instilled a passion for acting in the young Bajoran. She, and his brother, were also pacifists however. This never sat well with the young man, and when the Cardassians left, he didn't quite know what to do with his life. And so he applied for, and was accepted to, Starfleet Academy.

The Academy was an eye-opening place for Elaithin. Indeed, it functioned as almost a cathartic release to the angry young man he'd been when he came there, and the balanced, passionate, generally happy man he was when he graduated. While at the Academy, Elaithin developed a passion for theater and design, and also for the terran sport of "snowboarding." Indeed, at graduation, his mother was amazed at the changes in him. His brother Pel, unsopportive of Jii's decision to join Starfleet, when so much needed to be done on Bajor, did not come. The two have not spoken since.

His first assignment was on board the USS Kongo where heserved for six months before being reassigned to the USS Galaxy. After five months in the Galaxy's Operations Department, Elaiithin began to realize that if he ever wanted to command a starship, he would have to vary himself more, and gain experience in all departments. As a result of this decision,he transferred to Security and was partnered with his roomate, Ensign Rotan Heratta, a Nausicaan. In early 2375, Jii received a promotion to Lieutenant junior grade while serving on board the USS Galaxy during the Dominion war.

After the Dominion War, During humanitarian efforts on Cardassia Prime, Elaiithin took a point-blank phaser shot to the abdomen, and required three months recovery at the New Berlin Medical Facility on Luna, in orbit of Earth. A few months later he returned to the USS Galaxy, and within a short time earned his promotion to Full Lieutenant.

Towards the end of 2375, Elaithin volunteered to serve as part of Admiral Thomas J. Casey's task force of Akira class vessels heading into the Romulan Neutral Zone. Elaithin served on board the USS Leonard McCoy as Chief Tactical Officer. In recognition for his distinguished service, Starfleet awarded Elaithin with the Medal of Valor upon his return to the USS Galaxy.

Elaithin attended Starfleet's Advanced Tactical School in late 2376 and has just recently returned from his training. A few months after his return, Lieutenant Elaithin was critically injured by the Borg, loosing his right hand. The hand was replaced with an artificial one, which twitches when he is annoyed. Also on this mission, Jii was reunited with the sister he beleived dead, Lieutenant Elaithin Lena, Chief Engineer of the Starship Lakota. Lena was beamed aboard the Galaxy as a casualty during a battle with the Borg, and the two were reunited when she needed a blood transfusion.

In late 2377, Elaithin was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and assigned as the new Chief of Security on board the USS Galaxy. Strangely, Elaithin was relieved of his duties as Chief of Security of the USS Galaxy and reassigned by Starfleet Command in December 2377. No explanation was given as to why Elaithin, and several other officers (including the Captain) were relieved of their duties on board the USS Galaxy.

After carrying out a classified assignment for Starfleet Command, Elaithin was reassigned back to the USS Galaxy to his former position as Chief of Security.

Personality profile:
Jii has spent the majority of his formative years during the Cardassian Occupation. During the occupation itself, Jii was active in the resistance against the occupying Cardassians, but spent largly simply in the attempt to remain long enough to get the next meal. He doesn't bear the near-traditional hatred of Cardassians, though. It's reduced to a general dislike as a rusult of his roomate at the academy having been the first Cardassian in Starfleet, Elim Sivek. He'll give anyone a chance. Jii now refuses to hold the actions of a race against any individual. He has a passion for acting, but is realistic enough to know it's really more of a hobby than any possible career. He also has a voracious appitite for knowledge-- and can often be seen reading the latest dispatches from the Federation News Service, and anything else hecan get his hands on. By no means is he a bookworm, however. Jii was very active as a teen, and later at the Academy. He managed to stay out of trouble at the Academy, though. He's always loved history and design, however, and is enamoured with the records of when Bajor was a major power in the days of the T'Kon Empire. He is also working on a starship design, which he plans to eventually submit to the ASDB at Utopia Planitia. Jii is very easy going, and the way he deals with you depends on the way you deal with him.

The young Bajoran is also very religous, maintaining a shrine to the Prophets in his Quarters. Also, his former roomate and Security partner, Rotan Heratta, spent large amounts of time training the smaller Bajoran in the complex Naussican Martial Arts.

Special notes:
Jii has shoulder-length dark brown hair, and dark green eyes. Has a well muscled average build-- his 217 pounds are evenly distributed over his six foot three frame. Also wears his family's heritage earring. It is the only possesion of his father's that he owns.

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