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   Name:    Brian Elessidil
   Terran age:   35
   Height:   6' 1"
   Weight:   195 lbs
   Species:   Betazoid
   Place of birth:   Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Earth
   Languages:   Betazoid, English, French, Italian, Latin, Spanish, Vulcan
   Interests:   Music, Piloting, Reading, Cooking, Racquetball

2360 - 2364   BA (cum laude), Music Julliard School (Earth)
2364 - 2366   MA (magna cum laude), Sociology University of Pittsburgh (Earth)
2366 - 2370   Starflett Academy - San Francisco
2373 - 2377   PhD, Psychology University of Betazed

Service Record:
2370 - 2372   Ensign, Flight Control Officer - USS Agincourt
2372 - 2373   Promoted, Lieutenant jg, Flight Control Officer - USS Agincourt
2373 - 2377   Educational Leave of Absence
2377 - 2378   Transferred, Lieutenant jg, Counselor - USS Galaxy
2378 - present   Promoted, Lieutenant, Counselor - USS Galaxy


Brian was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (Earth) to Betazoid parents Eldon and Baranna Elessidil in May of 2342. As professors of Anthropology and Music, respectively, at the University of Pittsburgh, Brianís parents raised their children Brian, an older brother, and a younger sister during the traditional academic year on Earth; for the remainder of the year, the family would return to Betazed to expose the children to Betazoid culture among relatives and friends. As a child of two cultures and two intelligent, encouraging parents, Brian developed a wide range of interests and talents, allowing him to excel at virtually everything he undertook.

After high school, Brian was accepted into the prestigious Julliard School of Music, where he pursued and received a degree in music composition. Almost immediately upon graduating however, Brianís attention turned more in the direction of his fatherís interests and he earned a degree in sociology.

Even this change in direction could not hold his focus for long. Always fascinated with space flight, Brian decided to undertake what he considered at the time to be the ultimate challenge: training as a flight control officer in Star Fleet Academy. He excelled at his studies and upon graduation was assigned to the USS Agincourt where he served for three years.

During his tour of duty aboard the Agincourt, Brian once again felt drawn to something else. Capitalizing on his Betazoid empathic abilities and his natural disposition as a compassionate listener, Brian requested a leave to pursue a doctorate in psychology at the University of Betazed.

His first assignment as a counselor was to the USS Galaxy in 2377. By early 2378, Brian had proven himself a capable counselor and was granted a promotion to Full Lieutenant while serving on board the USS Galaxy.

Personality profile:
Brian is known above all for his versatility and energetic nature. He is generally gregarious and easy-going but has also been known to be very introverted and serious from time to time. He is as equally appreciative of filet mignon and fine wine as he is of soy milk and chocolate chip cookies; as inspired by the classical art of cultures from around the galaxy as by the crayon drawings of his 3-year old niece; and as comfortable in his dress uniform as lounging in his quarters in boxer shorts and a t-shirt.

However he does not like to focus for extended periods of time in one direction or on a single task. It frequently requires an extra amount of effort for him to see a long-term project through to completion, but when he is able to muster the necessary self-control and stamina his work is usually of very high quality.

Gifted with excellent listening skills and an almost naÔve sincerity, Brian makes friends easily and enjoys interacting with people. Nonetheless, only a select few are ever privileged to see the pain, self-doubt, and anger that roil beneath his sparkling faÁade.

Special notes:
Brian has caucasian skin, medium-length brown hair, and deep brown, almost black Betazoid eyes. He also possesses a bright smile and a lyrical baritone voice.

His favorite color is electric blue, his favorite season is winter and he loves snow and cold climates.

He has a large, long-haired black-and-white cat named Choo-choo.

Brian is homosexual and completely ok with that; although naturally attracted to and comfortable with men, he has many female friends and co-workers for whom he has great fondness and respect.

Few things bring his internal anger to the surface, but Brian despises insincerity, injustice, arrogance and cynicism. He suffers when he feels rejected or excluded.

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