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   Name:    Ragnald Gustavson
   Terran age:   24
   Height:   1.75 m
   Weight:   85 kg
   Species:   Human
   Place of birth:   on board the "Pride of Centaury"
   Languages:   English, Ferengi, Klingon, Old-Scandinavian (Viking), Vulcan
   Interests:   music (he plays lyre and bagpipes), cooking, gardening, pottery, holodeck programs dealing with sailing ships or boats, building models of spaceships from paper and cardboard.

2365 - 2372   Columbus-Boarding School - Outpost 241
2372 - 2376   Starfleet Academy - San Francisco

Service Record:
2376 - 2376   Ensign, Helmsman - USS Galaxy
2376 - 2376   Lieutenant jg., Helmsman - USS Galaxy
2376 - 2377   Promoted, Lieutenant, Chief Flight Control Officer - USS Galaxy
2377 - present   Promoted, Lieutenant Commander, Chief Flight Control Officer - USS Galaxy


Ragnald Gustavson was born on long-range heavy tanker "Pride of Centaury" as first and only child of Ira Gustavson (human, helmsman) and Jack Stevens (human, computer technician).

He grew up on the tanker where his parents as well as most other crew members cared lovingly for him. Ragnald "assimilated" many of their habits while accompanying them during their shifts. So besides the facts his mother taught him about their family`s tradition, Siran the Vulcan engineer showed him the Vulcan way to control one`s temper as well as Ragnald had to help Rik, the son of the Pride`s Ferengi owner to reiterate the Ferengi`s rules of purchase and profit. "To learn about somebody it`s best to walk in his shoes for a while!" his mother always said.

After the lessons Ragnald was taught by the spaceship`s computer every alpha-shift Ragnald`s duty aboard the Pride was to care for the hydroponic garden and to help the cook to prepare the meals.

As a reward for this Ragnald sometime got the helm to do some simple maneuvers as course corrections or changes of velocity strictly following instructions given by his mother.

When Ragnald was eleven, his parents agreed that in future they would not be able to guaranty for a proper education of their son. They decided to send him to Columbus-Boarding-School at outpost 241 to get a graduation needed for a good job.

When the "Pride" reached her destination Ragnald was allowed to do his first "sole flight" by maneuvering the majestic tanker into the dock. Without saying that his mother and the computer had a very close look at him prepared to take over the helm at any time but Ragnald made it to his mother`s content.

As he entered his quarter a strange face stroke his eyes. His roommate was a Klingon. G`eliH, son of a Klingon ambassador was the same age as Ragnald but towered above him about one foot. He looked strong and he indeed was as Ragnald was able to find out few minutes later when the usual problems of "my closet and your closet" began and Ragnald finally found himself locked in HIS one. After a while they managed to become friends and so they were often found together learning or spending their leisure time.

All the time ashore Ragnald was attracted by the space so after graduating school he decided to follow his parents footsteps. He applied at the Starfleet Academy to study the topics of navigation and helm.

Ragnald soon earned a promotion to Lieutenant junior grade while serving on board the USS Galaxy in early 2376. By the end of that same year, Ragnald made full Lieutenant.

In mid 2377, Ragnald was promoted to Lieutenant Commander for his services as Chief Flight Control Officer on board the USS Galaxy.

Personality profile:
As a consequence of his childhood aboard the Pride without contact to other children Ragnald is shy and it takes a long time for him to come into contact with strangers. If you know him for a while you will find out that he is a calm friendly listener and you wonder if he ever had a brawl in his life. His empathy, modesty and his nonviolent nature may be the reason why people often become confident with him quickly and ask him for an advise or for help to solve their problems. Maybe his unobtrusive behavior on the other hand is the cause why the word "girlfriend" is missing in his vocabulary so far.

Although Ragnald learned to use a phaser and even a bat`leth, he hates to use any kind of weapon. His father once told him: "Son, if you use a weapon somebody may become injured. Possibly it`s you." A scar Ragnald received during a lesson of using a bat`leth proves this.

Special notes:
Ragnald may be described as fairly pale, blue eyes, red-blond hair. His addiction on good food and drinks and his lack of movement made him be lightly overweight. His pale skin lets him run the risk of getting sunburn. Due to his family`s historical background, Ragnald`s ancestors left Earth long time ago, Ragnald knowledge about historical events as well as about development of technology, clothing, music on Earth is full of gaps.

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