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   Name:    Lysander Van der Puls-Hawksley
   Nickname:    Cadet Charming, "Fawkes-Upley"
   Terran age:   24
   Height:   6' 1"
   Weight:   175 lbs
   Species:   Human
   Place of birth:   Hawksley Estates, Alpha Centauri Prime
   Languages:   Centaurian, English, French, Ferrengi
   Interests:   anything that flies in space or atmosphere. Collecting Narwassian artwork, fine Terran wines, mathematics and computer modeling, fencing and equine show jumping.

2370 - 2374   Starfleet Academy - San Francisco
2374 - 2375   Masters in Applied and Theoretical Mathematics - Oxford University, England, Earth

Service Record:
2374 - 2375   Ensign, Detached duty - Oxford University, England
2375 - 2376   Ensign, Physics researcher - Gor Vosh Station
2376 - 2377   Lieutenant jg, Helmsman/Tactical officer - USS Kiminto
2377 - 2377   Lieutenant jg, Chief Helmsman - USS Saint Louis
2377 - 2377   Lieutenant jg, Tactical Officer - USS Galaxy
2377 - 2378   Promoted, Lieutenant, Chief Tactical Officer - USS Galaxy
2378 - present   Promoted, Lieutenant Commander, Chief Tactical Officer - USS Galaxy

2374   Starfleet Commendation for Initiative
2375   Yobst Medal for Mathematics
2376   Starfleet Commendation for Original Thinking (rescinded)

2370-2374   Several reprimands and disciplinary actions from Dean of Cadets, Starfleet Academy and Commandant, SFAcademy ranging from late for formation to unauthorised use of simulators, to execution of "Titain's Trap" manuever in Restricted flight area. Removed from Red Squadron on three seperate occasions. Number of reprimands is thought to be Academy Record, not resulting in dismissal. Unauthorized use of private hoverboat belonging to Vice Commandant, SF Academy resulted in removal of Lt. j.g. rank seven hours after graduation.
2374   Official reprimand from Dean, St. Thomas Moore College, Oxford University, Earth Campus for "Moral Conduct of Sexual Nature Unbecoming a Fellowe of this Schoole."
2375   Several official reprimands from CO, Gorvash Station, Delta Quadrant Dyson Sphere Research Post for unauthorized use of holodeck and flight simulators, unauthorized use of Admiral's Pinnace, execution of "Titian's Trap" manuever in restriced flight space, language unbecoming a Starfleet Officer, improper uniform on duty, presence in restricted area without permission, improper handling of alien artifacts.
2377   Official reprimand for unsafe flying in restricted Space Dock area, unauthorized use of Workbee, Security Officer, Starbase 131. Official Reprimand from Commanding Officer, USS St Louis for unsafe flight control operations during combat situation.

Born the only child of Willem Van der Puls, Alpha Centaurian business tycoon and Estelle Hawksley, the famed Terran Holodrama actress. He was privately tutored as a child and showed a keen mind when it came to mathematics. Unfortunately, nothing else held his interest long enough and his scores in every other subject were substandard.

The family's farm on Alpha Centauri was his playground, and he showed a marked interest in flight at an early age. His parent's wealth allowed him to amass a collection of atmosphere and low entry spacecraft, and access to the training and licenses needed to fly them. He is the youngest person to ever earn an interstellar 50,000 ton Captains license at age fourteen. He also loves horses, and rode daily.

It was expected that he'd work his way up in the family business, Hawksley Armaments and Aerospace eventually replacing his father one day. Both parents were killed in a hovertrain explosion attributed to anti-Federation terrorists when he was thirteen, and his uncle Paieter Van der Puls took over the family business. The boy consoled himself with several reckless flights and his uncle removed the entire collection of craft, donating it to a private foundation. Lysander's decision to join boyhood friend Axelrood Hixx at Starfleet Academy astounded everyone, even Starfleet. While his mathematics scores were off the chart, and his 3-d and spatial awareness skills were above par, the remainder of his transcript was lackluster, to say the least. He took what money his parents had given him and immersed himself in a 'crash' attempt to re-take the exam. Barely passing the entrance requirements, he entered the Academy one year behind Hixx. His friend Hixx earned the nickname "The Fixer" because he usually smoothed over his friend's messes.

At Starfleet Academy, he participated in the Academy Flight Team, excelling in Acrobatics. His scores in everything but Flight Operations and Mathematics/Physics were barely good enough to keep him in. Socially, he was involved in mishap after mishap after mishap. Everything from altercations in the mess hall between Hawksley and the two roommates he was juggling romantically, to unauthorized use of simulators after hours, to Argassian Fire Creepers being put through the heating ducts of classmates rooms. Hawksley was famed for falling asleep during his stint on the Koyabashi Maru simulation and being tumbled from his station when the opposing forces hits shook the simulator, due to excessive partying the night before. He did receive the highest marks in his class for Flight Operations and Mathematics, but graduated near the bottom of his class because of the disciplinary problems. One of his Helm instructors was heard to comment..."That damned Prince Charming can fly anything with wings, upside down through an ion storm while drunk, blindfolded, and kissing a Simissian Sloth. He's usually trying to prove you right on two out of the three handicaps too." He received a promotion to Lt.j.g. upon graduation and was assigned to Advanced study at Oxford University in Advanced Mathematics. His shameful performance on graduation day, when he dumped a hover boat into San Francisco Harbor caused the promotion to be removed less than seven hours after the Commandant authorized it.

After being caught in a compromising position with a fellow lecturer at Oxford, he was transferred to Gor Vosh station, in the Dyson Sphere in Delta Quadrant. After a relatively quiet period there, the station Commander, Commodore T'Rel sent him back to BuPers saying "This is a research station, not a polo field."

A quiet stint aboard the USS Kimito followed, doing light picket duty amongst asteroid belts. Transferred to the USS St Louis, he had the distinction of reporting to duty there in the custody of Shore Patrol from Starbase 131 for 'unauthorized use of a Workbee and dangerous flight operations within Spacedock work zones.' After the Captain calmed down, she confined him to quarters, then a freak accident involving the Chief Helmsman put Hawksley in a position of responsibility. With the de-commissioning of the St Louis because of the breakdown of the upper command crew, he was assigned to the USS Galaxy.

Lysander was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and made Chief Tactical Officer on board the USS Galaxy in January 2378 by Captain John Brhode after several crew members were reassigned to other positions on the Galaxy and through out Starfleet Command. Captain Bhrode seemed to be pleased that Lysander had been fortunate enough to have attended Admiral Hoth's advanced Tactical training courses at the Wolf 359 Academy.

Personality profile:
Lysander is the epitome of the pampered 'rich boy.' He's always gotten whatever he wanted, and he's more than a little vain about his appearance. His understanding of mathematics and physics is very good, and this is one of the few topics that will keep his attention and make him drop his affected image. He tries to hide this aspect of his intellect, however, by deliberately cultivating the 'socialite playboy' image.

He also has the ability to make friends with almost anyone. He's very charming and more than aware of his own shortcomings and limitations. He usually finds complete strangers opening up and admitting things to him that they've never told anyone. He is a very sympathetic friend to his 'pals' but he has few close friends whom he confides in himself.

Romantically, he's always up for a tangle-free relationship, but he idolizes the idea of 'true love' and he'd never dream of leading someone on. He's pretty much searching for someone to 'settle down' with and enjoying the stops along the way.He's frightfully honest, usually blurting out exactly what he's thinking at that moment.

Most of his official reprimand have little to do with his job performance. When he's working, he's totally professional. His personal life does tend to leak into his professional, however. He likes to be in large groups of people, and the thought of talking on on one with someone he's interested in frankly scares him silly. He's loads of fun in a party situation, but the one-on-one friendship area usually involves someone taking care of Lysander.

Special notes:
Lysander graduated Starfleet Academy 233rd of 235 in class overall, #1 in physics and mathematics, #1 in Flight Operations, Squadron Flight commander, Academy Fencing team, Academy Equestrian Team

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