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   Name:    Kit Jordan Hennessey
   Terran age:   24, born December 16, 2353
   Height:   5' 7"
   Weight:   105 lbs
   Species:   Human
   Place of birth:   Cambridge, Massachusetts
   Languages:   Bajoran, English, French, Latin, Russian
   Interests:   Finding the dirt and writing about it; elaborate schemes, manipulation, and overall blackmail; reading good novels; musical theatre; drama; piņa coladas, and getting caught in the rain.

2368 - 2371   Summa Cum Laude, BA English and Earth History - Harvard
2372 - 2375   Columbia School of Journalism

Service Record:
2375 - 2376   After graduation, is hired by The Federation Dispatch, the Federation's leading news source and is assigned to cover the Dominion War.
2376 - 2377   Assigned to cover the Federation Assembly
2377 - present   Assigned to cover the USS Galaxy.

2376   Pulitzer Prize in Reporting for her coverage of the Dominion War

She was born Kit Jordan Hennessey on December 16, 2353, to two Harvard University professors. Her mother, Catya, was a professor of Earth History while her father, Colin, was the head of the English department. Her interests are a combination of her parents, though her flair in journalism is purely her own. She is an only child and through her childhood was doted upon by her parents, and never had a sitter-she took turns accompanying them to their classes. By the time she was three, she was fluent in French, Russian, and English (her mother being a native Russian). She could speak, read and understand Latin by the time she was five.

At fifteen, Kit graduates from secondary education at 15 at which time she also publishes her first series of articles in different magazines-this is when she drops Hennessey from her signature. She attends Harvard and graduates summa cum laude in three years with a BA in English and Earth History. She attends Columbia School of Journalism and afterward is hired by the Federation Dispatch, the Federation's leading source of news (the New York Times of the 24th century). At only 21 she is assigned to the front lines in the war against the dominion and sends back numerous articles chalk full of inside information and she often is found to have scooped top officials in Starfleet. Her in-depth war writing and powerful articles come to win her the 2376 Pulitzer Prize in Reporting.

After this she obtains a high and respected staff position and is assigned to cover the Federation Assembly (essentially the same as having White House press credentials). She covers this for a year and a half before deciding it was dull; she'd had the rush of being on the front lines and being stuck in a pressroom did not fulfill her expectations for her job. She puts in for a transfer and because of her connections in Starfleet and her close relationship with the top editors of the Dispatch, she gets assigned to the Galaxy to cover the trials and triumphs of the most well known ship and crew in Starfleet.

Personality profile:
She does not consider herself any more intelligent than anyone else, just more driven. Her rapid style of learning comes from the fact she must keep herself occupied and hates having nothing to do. Her mind drinks knowledge and she has a fairly photographic memory: once she knows something she knows it. Jordan, as everyone but very close friends calls her, often says that her mind works like a filing cabinet.

Jordan is highly energetic, though definitely has times of being down and depressed. She covers things through strong sarcasm and a constant joking manner. She is extremely charismatic and very manipulative. People try to avoid talking to her, but somehow she always manages to get the story. She is extremely observant and puts what she observes into her articles, wanting to bring a more human flair to them.

Special notes:
Known to do anything necessary to get a story, and frequently has a voice recorder on her so get accurate quotes. She also has a very high security clearance based on her connections. She speaks with a thick Bostonian accent.

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