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   Name:    Heather Grant-Wellington
   Terran age:   27
   Height:   165 cm
   Weight:   61.5 kg
   Species:   Human
   Place of birth:   Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
   Languages:   English, Klingon, Spanish, Romulan
   Interests:   Reading thrillers, dancing, medieval history, astrometrics, oceanography.

2368 - 2371   Bachelor Social Science with Honours at University of New England, New South Wales, Australia.
2373 - 2377   Starfleet Academy - San Francisco

Service Record:
2377 - 2377   Ensign, Counselor - USS Galaxy
2377 - 2377   Transfered, Ensign, Flight Control Officer - USS Galaxy
2377 - 2378   Promoted, Lieutenant jg, Flight Control Officer - USS Galaxy
2378 - present   Promoted, Lieutenant, Flight Control Officer - USS Galaxy


Heather is the youngest of six children born to Katrina and Alex Grant, and has a combination of Irish/Spanish and Scottish ancestry. She grew up in Brisbane, Queensland, then moved to Sydney, New South Wales when she was fourteen. Heather’s father is a science officer in Starfleet and her mother civilian doctor. Being the youngest, Heather often gained unwanted attention from her child carer and verbally abused by her older siblings, who tried convince Heather she was an unwanted pregnancy; although, in later years five of the six would became close. Heather began schooling a year early at a general primary school in Brisbane’s southern suburbs. She found the first five years alienating, as she had developed dead end friendships with classmates who pitied her and studies intellectually overwhelming.

After attending a strategic science secondary college where she finished in the top 2% of the class, Heather attended the rural University of New England to gain a Bachelor of Social Science with Honours. While at this university, Heather marries high school sweetheart Michael Wellington, who is later killed in a shuttle accident. Immediately after the completion of her Bachelor of Social Science with first class honours, Heather applied for the Starfleet Academy and was fortunate enough to pass on her second attempt. Originally, Heather dreamt of becoming a counsellor or a criminologist, but was persuaded by her late husband to pursue a counselling career in Starfleet.

While attending the academy, Heather found friendships in a range of different species. Overall, she found studying at the academy a tedious period in her young life and difficulty approaching her instructors. One positive outcome of attending the academy, Heather made plenty of friends and acquaintances, a task she had often found difficult in her civilian life. She even met a Vulcan and an outgoing Terran pilot who both helped her deal with, and move the from, the lost of her beloved husband. Heather had no clearly define dislike of any subjects, though the subject areas that she scored highly in were the ones she wanted to avoid. These were combat related, particularly zero-gravity, political and engineering related. However, apart from psychology and medicine, Heather also enjoyed her studies in astrophysics and both starship and shuttlecraft operations.

In mid 2377, the USS Galaxy had a number of positions open up in the Helm department for qualified Flight Control Officers. At that time, Heather looked into, and eventually transfered from Counseling to the Helm. Heather still serves as a part-time counselor, taking a few of the group therapy sessions a couple nights a week.

By the end of the year, Heather has proven herself on board the ship, and was promoted to Lieutenant junior grade.

In early 2378, Heather received another promotion to full Lieutenant while serving on board the USS Galaxy.

Personality profile:
Heather is a young woman who likes keeping to herself. She can be a strong link when it comes to team work, and is often a dedicated individual. Being a serious, occasional risk taking type of person with ambition and stubbornness, Heather rarely has a smile, but she does know how to enjoy life, something she takes a day at a time. Her philosophy is ‘Live and enjoy every moment now, rather than looking forward to the moment’s end.’ However serious Heather may seem, she does have moments of sarcasm which helps her cope with tense moments.

For recreation, a habit Heather doesn’t easily fall into, she prefers to relax with a good book, a glass of wine and listen to orchestral music, while soaking in a bath of fragrant salts and surrounded by a dozen lit candles and potted burning incense sticks. She also likes partaking in holonovels related to her readings, practice both Aikido, Yoga and Tai Chi, meditation, dancing to a variety of music and occasionally entertaining friends. When it comes to a love life, Heather prefers to distract attention away from herself as she doesn’t want another pain staking ending to love. The only love interest present in her life, is her cat Oceania.

Special notes:
Eyes: Hazel, medium
Hair: Red, long and slightly wavy
Parents: Katrina and Alex Grant
Siblings: William, Jamie, Morag, Alistair, Raelene, (Heather)

Friends (from the academy):

  • Noduk - 30, Vulcan male close friend from astrometrics
  • Lianna - 28, Terran female, good friend & shuttlecraft pilot
  • Roseanna – 29, Betazoid female, good friend
  • B’Lah - 27, half Klingon/half human female, close friend
  • Indiana - 27, Terran male, close friend & shuttlecraft pilot
  • Shom - 31, Ferengi male, acquaintance Speciality Skills:

    Federation Law
    General Medicine - Humanoid

    Psychology – Human, Klingon and Romulan
    Psychology of Command
    Small Unit Tactics

    Advanced Communications Applications

    Shuttlecraft Piloting
    Shuttlecraft Operations
    Starship Operations

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