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   Name:    Ieyasu Kurita
   Terran age:   27
   Height:   5' 6"
   Weight:   145 lbs
   Species:   Human
   Place of birth:   Fukuoka City, Japan
   Languages:   English, Japanese, Vulcan
   Interests:   Running, Dancing, Tourist Attractions

2364 - 2368   Graduated Benkyouka High School, Fukuoka City
2369 - 2369   Starfleet Marine Basic Training, Paris Island
2372 - 2372   Starfleet Marine Recon School , Fort AP Hill, Virginia
2375 - 2375   Marine Corpsman School, San Diego, California

Service Record:
2369 - 2372   Infantry, 5th Marine Division, Stationed Faldarr Plain, Vulcan.
2372 - 2374   Recon, 111th Regimental Recon Element, 5th MEF, Faldarr Plain, Vulcan
2374 - 2375   Recon, 111th Regimental Recon Element, 5th MEF, USS Tori, Cardassian Front
2375 - 2376   Combat Medic, USS Montezuma, Border Cutter
2376 - 2378   Combat Medic, USS Excalibur, Exploration Command
2378 - present   Combat Medic, USS Galaxy, Exploration Command

2374   Marine Order of Gallantry for Bravery under Fire Defense of Betazed
2376   Starfleet Commendation Outstanding Performance Braxus Prime Plague Relief

Ieyasu Kurita was born into the Kurita Clan in the year 2350. Headed by his parents, Hiro and Noriko Kurita, the Family makes its home in the Seaside province of Fukuoka Japan on the Island of Kyushu. An ancient city with historical ties to nearby Korea, young Ieyasu nevertheless found Fukouka replete with all the modern sights and sounds demanded by life in the 24th century. Whether boating across the pristine waters of Hakata Bay, or hiking in the surrounding Sefuri Mountains, Ieyasu showed a very early interest in a rigorous active lifestyle, and ranked prominently on his High School's swimming and dive team.

Following Graduation , Ieyasu took a year off to travel the Earth, exploring every nook and cranny of his homeworld prior to attending Seinan Gakuin University. At the end of the year however, the energetic young man's thirst for exploration was only barely slaked, and he was promptly recruited for the Starfleet Marine Corps based on his outstanding Athletic record.

After spending 14 torturous weeks in the dismal trenches of Parris Island, South Carolina, the newly hardened, but excited Kurita found himslef warping off to his first deployment with the 5th Marine Expeditionary Force, based on the desolate Faldarr Plains of Vulcan. The Vulcan natives were only barely tolerant of their rowdy Marine neighbors, but they stoically accepted the garrison as part of their Federation Membership. For Kurita who grew up swimming daily in the cool oceans of Earth, the dry deserts of Vulcan were a harsh wake-up call indeed. Still, he prospered and was able to deploy on numerous temporary assignments over the next few years while maintaining his home base on Vulcan.

In 2372, after his initial four year stint, Ieyasu re-upped his contract, and gained a choice spot in the elite Marine Recon School, Transferring back to Fort AP Hill on Earth for the 14 week program. It was here that Ieyasu's hidden talent for sharpshooting was discovered, and he was rapidly enrolled in a parallel Sniper School Course. Following his Recon graduation, and certification as a Marine Sniper, Ieyasu was transferred back to the 5th MEF and assigned to its attached 111th Recon Element. Back in his familiar old Vulcan haunts, and enjoying his new-found Elite Forces Status, Ieyasu was having the time of his life.

Then the Dominion Struck..

The next two Years were a confusion of hundred of dangerous Combat assignments, and Hit and run Raids as the 5th MEF was shipped out , and the 111th assigned to the USS Tori. Whether raiding Cardassian Supply bunkers in the Vespa System, or storming the Breen Command and Control Asteroids outside the Chukoi nebula, Ieyasu Kurita found life dangerous and bloody.

Fighting as part of the rear-guard in the defense of Betazed, the Sniper Kurita racked up 14 confirmed kills from the Cardassian Officer Corps, including a well placed Gul, before withdrawing offworld.

Following the War, Kurita grew sick of his involvement with Special Forces, and some of the rather distasteful jobs required of a Sniper, so he requested and received a transfer to the San Diego Naval Health College where he was trained in the intricate arts of a Combat Corpsman.

Putting together his gung-ho attitude from Recon, and combining it with his newfound Medical Skills, Ieyasu returned to the fleet as one bad-ass medic. While not as well trained as a full fledge Doctor of course, Ieyasu has the nerve and the skills to perform emergency medicine under the most grueling combat conditions.

Ieyasu served as a Corpsman for Two brief Tours, First Aboard the USS Montezuma, and secondly with the USS Excalibur before being transferred to the USS Galaxy.

Personality profile:
Ieyasu Kurita can be described as a bubbling bundle of tightly packaged energy. Fun loving and Outgoing, and prone to leap before he looks. Never passes up a dare, or an opportunity to make himself look like a fool in front of a pretty woman. Thanks to his years in Marine Barracks, he has also picked up the ability to curse in most languages across the galaxy. It should be noted that Kurita is a MARINE first, and Starfleet second. He is highly contemptuous of 'fleet' weenies and never passes up an opportunity to scoff at his 'swabbie' shipmates.

Special notes:
As a marine Corpsman, Kurita has an odd Chain of Command. While aboard ship, he is nominally assigned to the Medical Department, but while on away missions, he reverts to 'soldier' status, and falls under Security. (a department he mocks openly)

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