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   Name:    Rose Isis MacAllen
   Terran age:   23
   Height:   5' 6"
   Weight:   105 lbs
   Species:   Betazoid
   Place of birth:   Victoria Palace (the house of daughter of the 3rd house of Betazed) Betazed
   Languages:   Betazoid, English
   Interests:   Singing, acting, horseback riding, meditation, dancing, writing holo-novels, reading (romantic mostly), ancient history, archaeology, fight sims

2358 - 2371   General education - University of Betazoid
2371 - 2375   Starfleet Academy - San Francisco

Service Record:
2375 - 2376   Ensign, Science Officer - USS Yorktown
2376 - 2376   Ensign, Science Officer - USS Galaxy
2376 - 2377   Lieutenant jg., Science Officer - USS Galaxy
2377 - 2378   Lieutenant, Science Officer - USS Galaxy
2378 - present   Promoted - Lieutenant Commander, Science Officer - USS Galaxy


Named after her mother's favorite flower and her father's favorite mythology goddess of ancient Egypt, Rose was born September 1, 2353 to Michelle, the daughter of the 3rd house of Betazed and Betazoid Starfleet Captain Victor MacAllen. Rose' parents are very close friends to the 1st house of Betazed.

In 2361 Victor and Michelle got divorced leaving Rose feeling unloved and heart broken. Rose stayed on Betazed with her mother while she would see her father during vacations on his ship, the USS China (Galaxy-class).

In school on Betazed, her teachers said "Rose is a very good student, but she is very outspoken. She is also beautiful, smart, and has a wild side to herself." During her vacations with her father she vowed that one day she would join Starfleet. Rose' dream came true when she past her entrance examination the first time around and enter Starfleet Academy in 2371.

One fall morning she met and fell in love with a 2nd year cadet name William Smith. During the next 3 years William got very abusive with Rose. She broke up with William 6 months before graduation. William tried to get Rose to come back to him by writing letters and buying her gifts asking her to come back to him. Being strong-willed Rose went on with her life. Two months before graduation she was raped, beaten, and left for dead in the middle of the Academy grounds. Rose' best friend and roommate, Kay Williamson, saw what happened and took her friend to the infirmary. Rose recovered from her injuries, and graduated in the top 10% of her class in 2375. One month after graduation she was stationed to the USS Yorktown as a Science officer. Two months before the war was over she found out her father was killed along with most of her Academy friends leaving Rose depressed and heart broken.

Keeping her mind on her work, Rose soon earned her first promotion on the USS Galaxy in late 2376. She was promoted to Lieutenant junior grade. In early 2377, Rose received her second promotion to full Lieutenant.

Through constant devotion and comitment to her duties, Rose received a promotion to Lieutenant Commander while serving on board the USS Galaxy.

Personality profile:
Rose is a very strong-willed woman. She's a great officer and a hard worker. She is still a little jumpy around men since what happen to her at the Academy. She will need time to start trusting people, including men, more. She hopes this crew will let her put her life back together.

Special notes:
Rose will need help talking about her problems even about her past. But with this crew's help she may have the guts to face her fears head on

In Starfleet Academy, Rose Majored in Science (Stellar Cartography, Archaeology) and Minored in Security.

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