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   Name:    James Mitchell
   Terran age:   33
   Height:   6' 2"
   Weight:   195 lbs
   Species:   Terran / Bajoran
   Place of birth:   Main Continent, Bajor
   Languages:   English, Bajoran
   Interests:   3d Chess, cooking, martial arts tournaments, handball, fishing

2362 - 2376   Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth
2366 - 2368   Military Operations Command Training

Service Record:
2368 - 2370   Cadet, Science/Medical Xenobiology Division - USS Hood
2370 - 2372   Ensign, Department Head, Xenobiology Division - USS Farragut
2372 - 2372   Ensign, Science Officer - USS Galaxy
2373 - 2373   Lieutenant jg., Science Officer - USS Galaxy
2373 - 2374   Lieutenant, Chief Science Officer - USS Galaxy
2375 - 2377   Lieutenant, Starfleet Sciences Division, Earth
2377 - 2377   Lieutenant, Science Officer - USS Galaxy
2377 - 2377   Promoted - Lieutenant Commander, Ast. Chief Science Officer - USS Galaxy
2377 - present   Promoted - Lieutenant Commander, Chief Science Officer - USS Galaxy

2370   Graduated Cadet Cruise - USS Hood - With Honors

James Mitchell was born on Bajor while it was under Cardassian occupation. His mother was a Federation liasion to the Bajoran government, where she met his father, a high-ranking government official. When the Cardassians moved in, they escaped on a smuggler ship where his father was killed when he attempted to rendezvous with his family. James was only 2 years old at the time. They escaped to a federation outpost on the Romulan border, where they were later picked up by a Federation Cargo transport 2 months later. They ended up settling on the Mars colony outpost, where his home is today. His mother became a Starfleet instructor, and he grew up idolizing the Starfleet way. His dream was to enter Starfleet, get his own commission, and liberate Bajor.

Fifteen years later, he applied to Starfleet Academy and was accepted on his first try. He completed his Academy training, excelling in the Medical/Sciences departments, as well as Planetary survival and Security procedures. He then applied to the Military Operations Command Training School, where he studied for 2 years until he was offered a position on the USS Hood as a Xenobiology student. He impressed his Department head so much, she recommended in her logs that he be given a command of his own section. He then became the youngest person to command a section on a starship. He was 26 years old.

After another year on the Hood, he completed his Cadet Cruise with Honors and was offered a commission on the USS Farragut.

He was promoted to Ensign and given the Xenobiology department to command. There he served in the clean-up effort at Veridian III of the Enterprise-D. Once, he met Captain Picard, just as he was walking into the transporter room to beam down for his shift at the crash site, but didn't get a chance to talk to him. At that moment he realized he desparately wanted to be in command of his own ship, so he could be in the company of a man like him.

The following year, he heard of several openings on the USS Galaxy, and knew that this was the perfect opportunity to achieve his aims faster. Mitchell was soon promoted to Lieutenant jg. on board the USS Galaxy. Less than a year later he became the Galaxy's Chief Science Officer and a full Lieutenant.

Within 2 months of serving on the Galaxy as Chief Science Officer, Lieutenant Mitchell was relieved of duty for personal reasons and spent a year at Starfleet Medical undergoing counselling and psychological testing as a result of manic depression and a resurfacing of memories blocked out by intense shock.

At the completion of his rehabilitation near the end of 2374, Mr. Mitchell was deemed fit to return to active duty on a limited basis, so he was assigned to the Starfleet Sciences Division on Earth, specializing in Xenobiology. With the outbreak of the Dominion War and subsequent closure, Starfleet was then able to focus on the Borg threat once again, and began sending out many of its Earth-based officers to starships to serve as specialists in their areas and assist the Science teams in their efforts. Mr. Mitchell was one of these officers, and assigned to his previous vessel, the USS Galaxy, in 2377.

At the end of 2377, James was put in for a promotion by his department head, Commander Peterson. James was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and formerly made the Galaxy's Assistant Chief Science Officer for his excellent work and "team player" attitude upon returning to the starship he formerly served as CSO on. In a rather unexpected turn of events, Commander Peterson was relieved of his duties on board the USS Galaxy and reassigned by Starfleet Command along with several other officers (including Captain Price). James was promoted to Chief Science Officer by the new CO, Captain John Brhode.

Personality profile:
James is a determined person who, once he is focussed on something, he follows through until it gets done, which why he was able to advance through the ranks so quickly. He is dedicated to the ideals of Starfleet and will defend his comrades to the death, if necessary. He also likes to have fun, for he is a jovial person at heart and always looks for the good in people, no matter their culture or background. His one fault would be that he is hot-headed and can be annoyed easily when things don't go his way. He still harbors grudges against the Cardassians for what they did to his father and himself, especially from the memories dredged up from his experiences of command on an away team mission four years ago. His desire to command is tempered by his fear of relapsing into his past experiences and failure. For this, he subconciously chooses not to take on any position of authority, but unknowingly also seeks a role model to overcome those same obstacles in his path to command.

Special notes:
James is an attractive man, who has a powerful charisma, Blue-grey eyes that change colors with his mood. His physical appearance is human, but retains his family heritage by wearing his father's family earpiece. His newest love is entering martial arts tournaments. He also has short-cropped dark brown hair, a rugged complexion, and a goatee.

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