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   Name:    Michael S. O'Grady
   Terran age:   27
   Height:   6' 2"
   Weight:   260 lbs
   Species:   Human
   Place of birth:   Copernicus City, Luna
   Languages:   English, Klingon
   Interests:   Weight training and boxing, Mike keeps in good shape, Also still plays Ice hockey. Now one of his hobbies is spending time with his wife and daughter.

2368 - 2372   Starfleet Academy - San Francisco
2373 - 2377   Masters Social Work, Starfleet distance education program - John Jay College New York

Service Record:
2372 - 2374   Cadet cruise / Ensign, Counselor - USS Sunfire
2374 - 2376   Promoted - Lieutenant jg., Counselor, - USS Sunfire
2376 - 2377   Transfered - Lieutenant, Counselor - USS Galaxy
2377 - 2377   Promoted - Lieutenant Commander, Counselor - USS Galaxy
2377 - present   Promoted - Lieutenant Commander, Chief Counselor - USS Galaxy


Born on Copernicus City on Luna, Mike's parents were pillars of the comunity. Mike's father, a social worker/counselor was active in a pacifist movement and opposed strongly to Starfleet's military background and history. However Michael did channel his youthful agression in to his favorite pastime Golden Gloves boxing and hockey, where he excelled. His father of course hated it. All the violence was almost an opposite of what he stood for but his son was happy. As they grew up they grew apart. Mike listened to and was enthralled by a recruiter from Starfleet academy when he was in High School and that was a turning point. Mike was fascenated by Starfleet and the fascenating history and adventure.

However his father would hear none of this and they had an argument. Mike stormed out and joined up at the academy, wanting to be a tactical officer to show his father. But he didn't have the skills or the 'warrior heart' for the job. So he took a long look at his life and called his mother, a physician and surgeon. She suggested he look in counseling, since he was good at listening to people, which he did.

His father heard of his decision, but his pride wouldn't let him talk to his son.

After graduation Mike chose to continue on his cadet posting aboard the USS Sunfire. He excelled at his job and was rewarded with a commission and later promotion. It was during this time Mike met and dated a young security officer Rayna Lamar.

After a relationship of over a year, with them at the end nearly living in the same quarters. They married and Mike adopted her daughter, Nikki as his own.

It was during this time that Mike's father contacted him and they reconciled. His father died 3 months later.

In mid 2377, Mike was promoted from Lieutenant to Lieutenant Commander while serving on board the USS Galaxy.

In December 2377, when Commander Dallas and several other officers (including Captain Price) were relieved of their duties on board the Galaxy and reassigned by Starfleet Command, Mike was promoted to Chief Counselor by Captain John Brhode, the ship's new Commanding Officer.

Personality profile:
Bright cheerful and energetic. Mike is an empathic listener and a good friend. His family life is a source of personal pride. He can often be found either surprising Rayna with dinner in the office or just taking Nikki on a tour of wherever they are. Michael is the adoptive father of Nikki.

Special notes:

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