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Composite by RC
   Name:    Kent Peterson
   Terran age:    35
   Height:    6'1"
   Weight:    205 lbs.
   Species:    Human
   Place of birth:    Denver, Colorado
   Languages:    Bolian, English, Nausicaan, Romulan, Spanish
   Interests:    ice hockey, subspace morphology, temporal mechanics, exobiology, poker, archaeology

2361 - 2364    Starfleet Academy, San Francisco (Earth)

Service Record:
2365 - 2366    Ensign - Science Officer, USS Roosevelt
2367 - 2368    Lieutenant (JG) - Mission specialist, USS Aurora
2368 - 2368    Lieutenant (JG) - Science Officer, USS Eendracht
2369 - 2369    Lieutenant - Science Officer, USS Enterprise-D
2370 - 2372    Lieutenant - Assistant Chief Science Officer, USS Nobel
2373 - 2377    Lt. Commander - Operations Manager, USS Yeager
2377 - 2377    Lt. Commander - Chief Science Officer, USS Galaxy
2377 - 2378    Promoted, Commander - Chief Science Officer, USS Galaxy
2378 - 2378    Transferred, Commander - Chief Science Officer, Detached duty Starfleet Command (classified)
2378 - 2378    Transfered, Commander - Chief Science Officer, USS Galaxy
2378 - present    Promoted, Commander - Executive Officer, USS Galaxy

2366    Star Cross
2369    Starfleet citation
2371    Starfleet citation
2373    Medal of Honor

2364    Reprimanded by Academy officials for performing a banned shuttlecraft maneuver - Titan's Turn. Cadet Peterson was confined to the grounds of Starfleet Academy for twenty-one days with all privileges revoked.

Composite by RC Kent Peterson was born in the North American city of Denver in the spring of 2343. Growing up he learned to rock climb in the Rocky Mountains and play ice hockey - two of the recreational activities that have remained with him to this day. At the age of fifteen his parents made the big move to the fledgling colonies near the Norkan outposts. Life in the colony was different to that on Earth but the family soon settled in to their new home. Seven months later the Romulan Star Empire attacked the Norkan outposts and their outlying colonies. The incident itself was considered a devastating blow to the safety of Federation systems near the Romulan Neutral Zone. It was this tragedy that claimed the life of Kent's parents who were amung the thousands that died. The adolescent Kent returned to Earth where he was raised by an aunt and uncle.

A year and a half passed before Peterson committed himself to sit the entrance examinations for Starfleet Academy in San Francisco. Although his academic record was good it was not exceptional enough to earn him a place in the limited intake for that year. Disappointed, but not discouraged, the young Peterson found work in one of the Lunar transport companies to pass the time. Whilst working as a communications operator he also learned to pilot a shuttle. There he remained until a successful second attempt to enter Starfleet Academy. The Academy presented its share of opportunities for the young man. As a science-line cadet his did his major in the physical sciences and chose a minor in exobiology. He also elected to continue his training as a shuttle pilot. Althetically he was a member of the Academy's ice hockey team.

Ensign Peterson was assigned as a junior science officer to the USS Roosevelt following graduation. While his initial duties were rather routine, it was the first time thrill of exploring space that gratified Kent. He was no longer just reading about other people's impressions on space travel and but was having his own experience 'out there'. As time went by the young scientist moved around different areas of the science department, which allowed him to expand his technical skills and abilities. Peterson's tour of duty on the Roosevelt ended when the starship was destroyed at Wolf 359. This moment left an effect on the young officer that would later haunt him while serving on the USS Galacy many years later. Between assignments he returned home to Colorado to recuperate.

Kent was reassigned to the USS Aurora and by that time he was eager to return to duty. Over the next three years Lieutenant' Peterson continued to serve with an exemplary service record on both the USS Aurora and later on the USS Eendracht. On the latter he completed a thesis on spatial scissions that led to a presentation at the annual Altine Conference. Eventually that research and his service record led to a year on the Federation flagship during 2369.

In 2370 the scientist was assigned as assistant chief science officer to the USS Nobel. There he worked until he accepted a position as chief operations officer on the USS Yeager. Although scientifically-trained, Peterson's three-year tour on the USS Nobel as deputy commander of a department drew out his natural leadership skills. Operations was different than science so it expanded Peterson's abilities and challenged him accordingly. This was no truer than the Yeager's participation in Admiral Hayes' task force at the Typhon sector in 2373.

The Starfleet lieutenant commander served on the Yeager for the next three years until he accepted an offer to join the crew of the USS Galaxy in 2377.

By the end of the year 2377, Peterson had proven his value to the Captain of the USS Galaxy and was put in for a promotion to full Commander while serving as the Chief Science Officer on board that vessel. Though Kent had a tough time adjusting and 'fitting in' at the beginning of his tour on the Galaxy, he has otherwise adjusted nicely and is an asset to the crew.

In an odd twist, Peterson was relieved of his duties as CSO of the USS Galaxy and reassigned by Starfleet Command in December 2377. No explaination was given as to why Peterson, and several other officers (including the Captain) were relieved of their duties on board the USS Galaxy.

After serving a brief mission which remains classified, Peterson returned to the USS Galaxy to assume his former position as Chief Science Officer. There had been a lot of changes on the USS Galaxy when Captain John Brhode had command of the ship, which, when Captain Price returned and resumed command left the ship without a First Officer. Peterson was offered the position by Captain Price and now serves as the Galaxy's Excecutive Officer.

Personality profile:
Peterson is an adventurer - the primary reason space travel and scientific research is so appealing to him. He is an individual that fully realises the risks associated with space travel - especially after having lost his parents to being in the unknown - and is therefore willing to take risks when the occasion calls for it. Accordingly his previous commanding officers have noted him as being unpredictable at times.

Typically he is diplomatic when dealing with people. However, this has not stopped him from openly expressing his anger and disagreement with fellow crewmembers. Most noteably this has resulted in the development of a hate-hate relationship with the Galaxy's first officer, Commander Chris Thomas.

In competative situations he is a 'good sport' but losing does not sit well with him.

Counselor's Update. Stardate 50109.30. Lt. Commander Peterson has only recently begun to deal with the feelings of pain and guilt from Wolf 359. These were triggered by the Galaxy's recent encounter with the Borg Collective following a civil war that erupted as a result of the Janeway virus. Although he openly disagreed with Captain Price he followed orders while displacing his own instincts. The arrival of Three of Four (who is the drone produced by the assimilation of a colleague from the Roosevelt) has proven to him that he needs help to work through these unresolved emotions.

Special notes:
Kent Peterson has fair skin, blue eyes, and brown hair. He keeps fits by indulging in rock climbing and ice hockey - maintaining a selection of Holodeck programs. When he is not located in his quarters (found in Room 2133 on Deck 08) he can sometimes in holographic simulations that allow him to indulge in those activities.

Peterson shows no ill-will to the Romulans for the death of his parents. Suffice to say he would never turn his back on one.

Skeptical of religious beliefs and supernatural phenomenon.

A competent shuttlecraft pilot - the product of working for a transport company prior to his training at Starfleet Academy.

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