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   Name:    Robert Edward Lee Price
   Nickame:    The General
   Terran age:   42
   Height:   6' 0"
   Weight:   198 lbs
   Species:   Human
   Place of birth:   Sydney Australia, Earth
   Languages:   English, Klingon, Romulan, Vulcan
   Interests:   sailing, hang gliding, polo, and fishing.

2353 - 2356   Engineering degree - University of Sydney
2359 - 2362   Starfleet Academy - San Francisco

Service Record:
2362 - 2363   Ensign, Operations Manager - USS Galaxy
2363 - 2364   Promoted, Lieutenant, Operations Manager - USS Galaxy
2364 - 2367   Promoted, Lt. Commander, Operations Manager - USS Galaxy
2367 - 2371   Promoted, Commander, Executive Officer - USS Galaxy
2371 - 2373   Promoted, Captain, Commanding officer - USS Galaxy
2373 - 2375   Promoted, Fleet Captain, Commanding officer - USS Galaxy
2375 - 2378   Demoted, Captain, Commanding officer - USS Galaxy
2378 - 2378   Transfered, Captain, detatched duty (classified) - Starfleet Command
2378 - present   Transfered, Captain, Commanding officer - USS Galaxy

2368   Medal of honor with clusters
2369   Victory cross for heroism

2375   Received reprimand for ordering a temporal incursion with the USS Galaxy without receiving proper authorization from Starfleet Command. Under Captain Price's direct orders the USS Galaxy traveled back into the past and interacted with both the USS Excelsior and USS Enterprise-C when apparently two separate rifts through time intersected and threaghtened to jeapordize history as observed from the Galaxy's point of view. Fleet Captain Price was demoted in rank to Captain because of his failure to notify Starfleet Command and wait for the proper orders to proceed. The full investigation by the Temporal Authorities at Starfleet Headquarters found that the Galaxy's incursion into the past had no other impact on the timeline.

Lee Price was born in Sidney Australia, Earth. He spent his childhood growing up there, and for the most part had a typical adolescence. When he was 18 years old, he attended the University of Sydney and earned an Engineering degree in Quantum Physics. After a few years working in the civil market, Lee Price desired to do more with his life. He applied for, and was accepted into, Starfleet Academy. Relocating to San Francisco, Lee Price began his career in Starfleet.

Robert Edward Lee Price entered Starfleet academy in 2359. Going by the name of "Lee" Price, it didn't take very long for his class mates to learn of his full name, and tag him with the nickname of "The General". The nickname has stuck to this day, though it is usually only used when Captain Price is not present, because he doesn't particularly like the reference. Captain Robert Edward Lee Price prefers to be addressed as "Captain Price" or just "Captain". In a pinch, "Lee" would work for members of his senior staff or close personal friends.

Lee Price graduated from Starfleet academy in 2362. He was ranked third in his graduating class and was rather disappointed because he was sure not graduating at the top of his class would eliminate him from consideration as a senior officer on board the newly commissioned USS Galaxy, the first Starship of her class. His worries were unfounded however. The distinguished Vulcan, Captain Shoak, choose Mr. Price out of five other possible candidates. His high marks in the Kobayashi Maru scenario as well as his out standing charisma and leadership qualities with his fellow Starfleet cadets made the Vulcan take notice. Captain Shoak requested that Lee Price be assigned to the USS Galaxy's maiden crew as Operations Manager.

Lee was happy with his first posting, and with the eagerness of a freshly graduated Ensign, learned all that he could under the tutelage of Captain Shoak. The Vulcan Captain was pleased with his choice in officers, as Lee Price turned out to be an exceptional Operations Manager. Lee quickly earned a promotion to full Lieutenant and Second officer. Lee Price served at Ops and Second Officer for five years, before the Executive officer of the USS Galaxy was offered his own command, and accepted it. With the new vacancy came another opportunity, when Captain Shoak offered the First officer assignment to Lee. The Vulcan Captain explained to Price that his performance in his duties as Second officer on board the USS Galaxy made him the logical choice. Lee accepted the compliment, and the promotion to full Commander and became the Executive officer on board the USS Galaxy.

Price served as First officer for another four years. Captain Shoak was gratified that his choice for First officer was working out so exceptionally. Twice the Vulcan had the opportunity to decorate the Commander for excellence above and beyond the line of duty.

On Stardate 48650.1 (2371), the USS Enterprise-D was lost on Veridian III. Once again, the USS Galaxy became the premier Galaxy class Starship. It was less than three months after the scuttling of the Enterprise that Captain Shoak was diagnosed with the disabling, Vulcan mental disease, Bendii Syndrome. Captain Shoak, being the forthright, distinguished Vulcan that he was, did the logical thing and retired from Starfleet command. On his final mission, returning the USS Galaxy to Utopia Planitia, Mars for a complete systems refit, Captain Shoak held a private Vulcan tea ceremony with Commander Lee Price. In the Vulcan tradition, Captain Shoak explained to Lee that as he leaves Starfleet, he does so knowing that his young protégé, Captain Lee Price, will take his place and serve with all of the logic and excellence that he has demonstrated throughout his career. Lee just nodded, and cried, as did the Vulcan father figure and legend, Captain Shoak.

Upon arrival at the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards, the crew of the USS Galaxy were all reassigned throughout Starfleet. The year long refitting of the Starship began under the direction of Dr. Leah Brahms, one of the original designers of the Galaxy. Captain Price remained at Utopia Planitia to assist in the refitting, and learn all of the new starship systems.

The refitting was completed in 2372. Over the next two and a half months, the USS Galaxy under went complete systems testing, and trial flights. While Dr. Brahms was working on the Starship, Captain Price was busy recruiting the USS Galaxy's crew for her second tour of duty. The first under his command. Comprised of newly promoted senior officers and a crew of freshly graduated Starfleet cadets, The USS Galaxy started her second tour of duty in the Alpha quadrant, assigned to exploration and defense of the United Federation of Planets.

The USS Galaxy prospered under the command of it's new Captain. Lee Price and the crew he had assembled successfully completing several assignments throughout the Alpha, Beta and Gamma quadrants. In 2373, Starfleet Command recognized Lee for his excellence in service and promoted him to the rank of Fleet Captain.

Late in 2374, Lee's long time mentor, former Captain and friend died. Succumbing to the Bendii Syndrome that had plagued him for several years, Captain Shoak died while Lee was on leave visiting on the planet Vulcan. On his death bed, the Vulcan made a puzzling claim that they have yet to meet for the very first time. Lee didn't understand what the Vulcan had meant and dismissed it as incoherent disorientation brought on by the final stages of the Vulcan mental disease. Lee remained for the funeral services for his friend before returning to the Galaxy, deeply saddened by his death.

In mid 2375, the Dominion war ended. Captain Price at that time developed a personal relationship with long time officer, Yeoman Jamie York. The two have been dating and even took a shore leave together on the pleasure planet Risa at the end of the war. Unfortunately, in December 2375, Miss York was murdered before Captain Price' eyes by the evil Butcher from the mirror universe in a coo to take over the USS Galaxy. Jamie's death left the Captain devastated, though he is now slowly working through the loss of his soul mate.

In late 2377, Captain Price was removed as Commanding Officer of the USS Galaxy and reassigned elsewhere in Starfleet. No details were given of the General's new assignment or the reason why he was replaced.

After completing a classified mission for Starfleet Command, Captain Price was offered a promotion to Admiral and an assignment at Starflleet Headquarters back on Earth. Price turned down the promotion, choosing to remain a Captain and was soon reinstated as commanding officer of the USS Galaxy.

Personality profile:
Captain Price is a very good, personable commanding officer. His friendly style makes him easily approachable by all members of his crew. As CO, Captain Price listens to all of his crew's input, and will make his command decisions fairly and 'by the book'. When he gives orders, Captain Price is able to make them sound more like requests. His crew responds to such requests gladly and willingly. This rapport Captain Price has established with the crew is rare in Starfleet, and makes it a true pleasure serving on board the USS Galaxy.

Being originally from Sydney, Australia - Earth, Captain Price does have a very slight Ausy accent. This is most obviously noticed in his use of the expression "G-day", and referring to his crew as his "mates". His easy going personality and manner makes it easy for everyone to think of the Captain as "just one of the guys", even though he is their commanding officer.

Captain Price's favorite food is "anything barbecued" which he rarely gets on board a Starship except for special occasions.

Special notes:
While serving as First officer under Captain Shoak, Price lead a diplomatic party to the Klingon home world. While there for several months, he befriended a Klingon warrior named K'Ral from the house of Kras. They met in a bar fight, and soon became good friends. K'Ral admired the fighting spirit Price had, and as a departing gift, presented him with a d'k tahg (klingon knife). Captain Price has the d'k tahg on display in his ready room, and cherishes it greatly.

In 2374, K'Ral was imprisoned by the Klingon High Council for treason against the Empire. Captain Price and K'Ral's younger brother, Dergaus of the house of Kras, took the Galaxy and a Bird of Prey into the Klingon Empire to prove the accusations false and uncover a plot by the High council to mutate the Klingon people with genetic experiments aimed at making them more like the Jem'Hadar. Lee and Dergaus were successful at stopping the High Council's plan, but K'Ral had already been executed in an unexplained altercation at Rura Penthe .

Practically everyone in Starfleet will know who "The General" is. No one should ever refer to Captain Price by that nickname when he is present. If anyone were to call him that, Captain Price would request that they not use that nickname. Everyone still uses it, but only when Price isn't in the room.

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