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   Name:    Rayna Lamar O'Grady
   Terran age:   24
   Height:   5' 8"
   Weight:   128 lbs
   Species:   Human
   Place of birth:   Sydney Australia, Earth
   Languages:   English, Klingon
   Interests:   Hiking, horsebackriding, music (playing, singing and writing) and sculpting.

2368 - 2370   Starfleet Academy - San Francisco
2371 - 2373   Starfleet Academy - San Francisco

Service Record:
2373 - 2373   Ensign, Security Officer - USS Sunfire
2373 - 2374   Promoted - Lieutenant jg., Security Officer - USS Sunfire
2374 - 2376   Promoted - Lieutenant, Ast. Chief of Security - USS Sunfire
2376 - 2377   Transfered - Lieutenant, Security Officer - USS Galaxy
2377 - 2377   Promoted - Lieutenant Commander, Security Officer - USS Galaxy
2377 - present   Promoted - Lieutenant Commander, Chief Security Officer - USS Galaxy


Rayna Lamar was born to a Computer Tech and a housewife. Her dad was a very strict and opinionated father who didn't believe in women having careers. He used to tell Rayna that "women belong at home, not traveling the universe."Her mom one the other hand was a quiet woman. Rayna gained her dad's love for computers, always observing and learning hen she could. Rayna Lamar knew that she didn't want to end up like her mother so she entered Starfleet Academy when she was 17, against her parents wishes. When she was 19, at the end of her 2nd year, Rayna had gone out with a fellow 4th year student once or twice. She wasn't attracted to him and so she broke it off. But he, in his mind, wouldn't accept this fact. While Rayna took a walk, taking a break between classes, he attacked her, pulling her into a secluded place and sexually assulted her. This ended in pregnancy, so she left the Academy to have her baby and get counseling while he got kicked out of Starfleet, blaming her. Eventhough she kept her after being born, she still had trouble coping with seeing her daughter as a baby and a reminder of the rape so she left her daughter with her parents who moved around several times to hide Nikki from her biological father whom they were afraid of. (He threatened all of their lives) Starfleet agreed to let her come back and finish her schooling and training. She graduated 12th in her class.

After graduation, she left her daughter with her parents until she could come to terms and joined the USS Sunfire staying on as Security Officer. Because of her quick thinking in a dangerous situation on the ship, she was promoted to Lt. and given the position of Deputy Chief of Security. Right after that, she met Ensign Mike O'Grady and it was love at first sight. They dated a little over a year, practically living with each other. Mike helped her to deal with everything concerning Nikki, including getting Rayna to bring Nikki on board. One month before they were to be married, Rayna was promoted to full Lieutenant and Mike adopted Nikki as his own, who is officially known now as Nikki O'Grady.

In mid 2377, Rayna was promoted to Lieutenant Commander while serving on board the USS Galaxy.

In December 2377, when Lieutenant Commander Elaithin Jii was relieved of his duties on board the USS Galaxy and reassigned by Starfleet Command (along with several other officers, including Captain Price) Rayna was promoted to Chief Security Officer by the new CO, Captain John Brhode.

Personality profile:
When she isn't on duty, she loves to work out and continues her martial arts training. (She believes that if she knows how to defend herself, no one could ever do what that cadet did.) Other loves and hobbies include hiking, horsebackriding, music (playing, singing and writing) and sculpting.

She has the qualities of both parents...compassionate, friendly, but strong willed, self-disciplined, and she seems to feel more comfortable with those older than her.

She has come to terms with Nikki, enjoying being a mother to her.

Special notes:

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