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   Name:    Sheree Sardar
   Terran age:   28
   Height:   6' 5"
   Weight:   172 lbs
   Species:   Sarrahban
   Place of birth:   Tobin Prime
   Languages:   English, Klingon, Sarrahban
   Interests:   Holo-deck mystery novels, battle lance, 3-demensional chest, collecting exotic weapons, playing the violin

2363 - 2367   Sarrahban Military Academy
2373 - 2376   Starfleet Academy - San Francisco

Service Record:
2367 - 2369   Gamma Lancer, Sarrahban Military Fleet
2376 - 2376   Ensign - Operations Officer - USS Lincoln
2376 - 2376   Promoted - Lt.jg, Operations Officer - USS Lincoln
2376 - 2377   Promoted - Lieutenant, Tactical Officer - USS Lincoln
2377 - present   Transfered - Lieutenant, Operations Officer - USS Galaxy


Sheree Sardar, like most Sarrahbans are bold, cocky and self-reliant fighters. However, they can also be extremely aggressive, outspoken and arrogant which has got them into more trouble than anything else.

Granted Federation membership in 2375 during the Dominion war, the tiny Sarrahban Republic immediately offered military assistance for the war effort, at least as much as they could give. Their world is a Spartan-like society where all children must attend the military academy and serve a minimum of two years within the armed forces. Many of their people are now starting to enlist within Starfleet, becoming security and tactical personnel and even engineers.

Sardar, being a typical Sarrahban had little chance to move high up in the Sarrahban military hierarchy without some help from an influential family member or friend, which she had neither of. After ending her tour in the military, Sardar left her homeworld and wandered about the galaxy for nearly three years performing mercenary work and bounty hunting. Unfortunately, it had little reward and people she had to deal with was less than desirable. After being betrayed and nearly murdered by her last employer, she finally decided to try Starfleet.

Upon graduation from the Academy, Sardar was stationed on the USS Lincoln but it didn t take her long to get into trouble when a Klingon delegation came onboard. Apparently one of the members of the group was quite taken by the tall amazon looking Sarrahban and started hitting on her and being a Klingon, he wouldn't take no for an answer. Before anyone knew it, with a thunderous crash of an over turning table everyone turned to see Sardar physically attacking the Klingon. By the time enough people gathered to pull her off of him, she managed to succeed in breaking one of his arms. This incident could had seriously damaged her career but the assaulted Klingon didn t wish to press charges and in fact, he was even more fond of Sardar for displaying her obvious strength. Fortunately, he honoured Sardar s request to be left alone but he sincerely hoped to see her in the future again.

Afterwards, Sardar tried to avoid farther trouble but occasionally her Sarrahban temper would bubble to the surface which can be just as worse as any Klingon angry outburst. Lucky, Sardar avoided any further physical confrontation.

Sarrahbans being a race of warriors strive to be the very best in everything, especially the arts of combat. This desire has put them head to head at odds with the Klingons. The two races are now constantly completing and impugning the abilities of the other. Sarcasm, jokes, barbs and intolerance fly when these two sides get together.

Personality profile:
Sardar is always a soldier at heart, regardless her position on a starship, taking her job very seriously. However, she has some trouble in dealing with certain Starfleet rules and relegations, especially when it puts people in needless jeopardy. Of all them, the Prime Directive is the one she detests the most. To sit on one s hands and do nothing is not the Sarrahban way of handling things. When they see a problem occurring that they don t like, they just take a side and act.

When she first entered Starfleet, Sardar was very reserved, and had very few friends but over time she has loosen up and started to attend ship social gatherings. She even has started to break a smile every now and then.

Of all things, Sardar can be her own worse enemy, especially with her temper. If pushed hard enough, she can physically lash out and possibly inflict serious injury.

Although she speaks Federation standard, she still has trouble comprehending human slang and their colourful use of metaphors and when she tries to use them it can lead to some comical results. Just don t let Sardar catch you laughing at her expense.

She loves playing mystery holo-deck programs because it forces her to use her mind than her fists. Her new and surprising passion is with playing the violin. It started with listening to earth classical music and the sounds the violin made fascinated Sardar the most. Before long, she started taking lessons to play it. So far, she s a pretty good amateur violinist.

Special notes:
Sheree Sardar is an attractive woman with long raven hair but rarely breaks a smile. She stands quite tall with a slender athletic build and works hard to keep herself in shape. Sardar has warm dark gray eyes that can become a little chilling when she s enraged. Despite her physical size and demeanor the tough Sarrahban has a smooth sultry voice.

Both male and female Sarrahbans are exceptionally tall and physically strong, able to go toe to toe with Klingons, or even the Jem Hadar in hand to hand combat. Although both sexes are warriors and treated as equals on their world, for some reason Sarrahban women are slightly taller than their male counterparts. For Sardar, standing at 6 5", she s considered small among Sarrahban women.

Sarrahban hearing, smell and taste are equivalent to a Human's. However, their eyesight is incredibly sharp. They can see things and pick out tiny details that normal human eyes would miss. A Sarrahban can read the text on a PADD across a room with reasonable ease.

As warriors, much like Klingons, they have a sense of heritage and values passed down for hundreds of generations. They still prefer to engage the enemy face to face and hand to hand combat but they have come to realize that they must change with the times. One thing the Sarrahban tried with some success is to incorporate modern technology into their ancient weapons, like the Sarrahban battle lance for example, which Sardar is specialized in using.

Before it was a customary and ceremonial weapon used much in ancient times. It was a 9 pole with a long cutting blade at one end and a weighed ball at the other for bashing. When needed, it can come apart in the middle, making the lance into two weapons, an axe and a mace. It also made it easy for carrying and storage.

Now, it has been modernized with a retractable pole to make it still easy for carrying. A force projector replaced the simple cutting blade that can now deliver a powerful concussion force upon impact with several settings for different levels of intensity. The weighed ball itself has been changed for a disruptor weapon with stun, disrupt and blast settings. Overall, it is an effective weapon for long and close range fighting.

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