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   Name:    Cleo T'gra
   Terran age:   25
   Height:   6' 1"
   Weight:   210 lbs
   Species:   Human/Klingon
   Place of birth:   Earth, Orleans, France
   Languages:   English, French, Klingon
   Interests:   The arts, particularly sculpting

2370 - 2374   Starfleet Academy - San Francisco

Service Record:
2374 - 2376   Ensign, Engineering Officer - USS Kirkwood
2376 - 2377   Promoted, Lieutenant jg, Warp Specialist - USS KirkWood
2378 - 2378   Demoted, Ensign, Engineer - USS KirkWood
2378 - present   Transfered, Ensign, Engineer - USS Galaxy


2378   Demoted, Insubordination. Chief Engineer ordered him to shut down the Warp core during a breach. Lieutenant T'gra believed he could fix it, or at least stop it. He succeeded, but was still reprimanded.

T'gra was born in Orleans France, to a human mother and a klingon father. His father met his mother during an interstellar winery convention in Orleans. His father immediately fell in love with his mother's wine, loving it before he even knew the woman who made it. She in turn, respected his, and they soon fell together, marrying and having a child within the year.

T'gra joined starfleet young, when he was seventeen, wanting badly to travel the stars and perhaps one day visit the Klingon homeworld, a place he'd heard much about and had wanted to visit for so long. During his second year, his mother died of illness, which affected him greatly. Shortly after his mother's death, he met Arianna, a young woman who was much like himself-including being half klingon, half human. They went together during their Cadet years, but eventually drifted apart due to reassigning.

Onboard the USS Kirkwood, T'gra made quite a name for himself in the warp department, it being his major field of study. In 2376 he was promoted to Lieutenant, and made Warp Specialist for the Kirkwood. During a battle with the Dominion, the warp core was breached severely, and his CO ordered T'gra to shut it down. T'gra, being of thick skull, knew he could fix the problem, and disobeyed a direct order. Their was a courtmarshall and T'gra was demoted back to ensign, even though his plan worked.

In 2378 T'gra asked to be transfered, citing his CO was treating him unfairly because of his klingon heritage and his position of Warp Specialist even as an ensign. His CO had once been Warp Specialist, but didn't make that position till he was a full lieutenant.

T'gra was transfered to the USS Galaxy, and en route he met up with Ensign Arianna, his once love, who asked to meet with him.. Arianna surprised the Klingon Ensign by telling him he was now a father. He met his seven year old daughter, B'tella for the first time. Arianna also was dying from illness, and asked T'gra to take their daughter, since she would be dying soon.

Personality profile:
Cleo is a very quiet man, one of those tall dark mysterious types, who look a bit intimidating when you first see them, but in fact he's very gentle, especially with his hands, which makes him a good engineer. He's a quiter person, who rarely speaks unless spoken to, or unless he has something to say. He's one of those people who learned young it's better to listen and hear everything, then speak and hear nothing. I see him as the type of person who does before asked, because they already thought of it. . He doesn't ask for glory, or praise, just does what needs to be done and does it without much talk.

Special notes:
He has a daughter, seven, named B'tella. Unlike T'gra, B'tella is extremely extroverted, curious about everything, and extremely mischevious.

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