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"Are you listening to me Ensign?"
   Name:    T'Zaq
   Terran age:   27
   Height:   6' 0"
   Weight:   131 lbs
   Species:   Human / Vulcan
   Place of birth:   information not available (unknown)
   Languages:   English, Klingon, Vulcan, Romulan, Spanish, a little Chinese
   Interests:   Music, amateur sleuthing, martial arts, gymnastics, swimming, anything Vulcan, computer pranks, aviculture

            "Are you listening to me Ensign?"

2366 - 2369   Starfleet Academy - San Francisco

Service Record:
2369 - 2372   Ensign, Engineer - Outpost 77
2372 - 2374   Lieutenant, Chief Engineer - Outpost 77
2374 - 2374   Lt.jg, Engineer - USS Sovereign
2374 - 2375   Lt.jg, Engineer - USS Galaxy
2375 - 2375   Lt., Engineer - USS Galaxy
2375 - pres   Lt. Commander, Assistant Chief Engineer - USS Galaxy


T'Zaq was born on the USS Shadowfire, somewhere in deep space, to Lt. T'Ruq of Vulcan, and Lt. Commander Kyle Stella, a human of Centauran descent. Her early life was rather tumultuous, for at the age of three her mother died in a freak explosion. Driven over the brink of madness from having the bond with T'Ruq abruptly broken, Lt. Commander Stella's career in Starfleet was cut short by his "reassignment" to the Cirolla Colony.

The orphaned T'Zaq was promptly shipped off to the next of kin, who happened to be Kyle's sister Tesha in San Francisco. Tesha, having no children of her own, was delighted to have a daughter to raise. She did the best she could to give T'Zaq all the opportunities a Vulcan child raised on Earth could possibly have. It was a rather odd situation for the young girl, but she succeeded well nonetheless.

As one of the most gifted students in her high school class, T'Zaq had an excellent chance of being chosen as a candidate for Starfleet Academy. She applied and was accepted, even winning a coveted early entrance into the Academy for her successful design and construction of THUNDER, a very tiny warp-capable spacecraft.

She originally entered as a Flight Control major, since she had always been fascinated by the principles of astrodynamics. However, after her first semester, she felt her true calling was in Engineering. T'Zaq graduated from the Academy with honors, major coursework including:

     Warp Theory
     Quantum Physics
     Computer Programming
     Optical and Subspace Network Design
     Stellar Cartography
     Advanced Engineering (Starship)
     Anti-matter Mechanics
     Shuttlecraft Repair/Operation

After graduation, she spent a year as an intern at Starfleet Command Extension Base 4 in China. After a while, she was wishing for a more exciting assignment, so she requested a deep-space posting, hoping for a starship. Instead, she was assigned to Outpost 77 as an assistant engineer. After several years, the crew rotations left the Chief of Engineering position open. T'Zaq was assigned to the position, eventually being promoted to the rank of Lieutenant.

The Outpost was attacked by a group of renegade Maquis some time later, the confusion further augmented by a Chameloid who had come beforehand to scope out the place and plant a few bombs to distract Starfleet from the Maquis' arrival. One of the renegades happened to be T'Zaq's highly telepathic mother T'Ruq, presumed dead for over two decades. Although the other Maquis were eventually captures, T'Ruq used her telepathic prowess to escape from Outpost 77's brig and successfully made off with the USS Ryder, one of the Outpost's runabouts. She has not been heard from since.

During her stay aboard the Outpost, T'Zaq met a half Vulcan, half Klingon scientist named Nardak. The two hit it off quite well from the first day they encountered each other, rather surprising since neither Klingons nor Vulcans could normally tolerate Nardak. He chose her to be his fighting companion in the Klingon ritual of barHad'sheva, a rite that takes place when a halfbred Klingon causes dishonor to the House. Although Nardak and T'Zaq won the battle they were forced to fight, Nardak's sister lost her life in the process. T'Zaq never really could accept the fact that B'Kan's death was not her fault.

Nardak and T'Zaq had other, happier adventures as well. T'Zaq was always assigned the duty of cleaning up after Nardak's frequent temper flares, where he tended to destroy everything within a 3-meter radius of his quarters. They used to argue constantly about Nardak's preference for Vulcan-norm gravity and atmospheric conditions. T'Zaq even once helped him babysit his old flame's child. Although the two were quite close, T'Zaq always kept her distance from him romantically. She was still too young yet to be considering any relationship, and she knew his heart belonged to Adora.

Then suddenly, T'Zaq disappeared. Unbeknownst to anyone, she had been captured by beings from an alternate dimension. The "High Ones", as they called themselves, deceived T'Zaq into believing that she had never belonged in the universe of Outpost 77. This was, of course, preposterous, but it's amazing what some clever technology and a little quantum physics can do to the mind of a logic-loving Vulcan. The High Ones were quite confident that they could keep their young Vulcan charge contained, but they underestimated their captive's abilities.

T'Zaq escaped from the elaborate maze created for her by the High Ones, eventually battling her way to the top of their command chain as well. However, she was soon longing for life back in her own dimension. She was last seen in the control room of the High Ones' ship, adjusting the temporal flux inducer settings.

Amazingly, she succeeded in returning herself to her own dimension, although to an entirely different location. She found herself on the RSW Sunheart, a Romulan warbird. Adaptive abilities honed by her experiences with the High Ones, T'Zaq was able to blend in well enough with the Rihannsu to avoid suspicion of being a Federation spy. Although her smooth brow marked her as a pariah in their societal hierarchy, she learned their language and customs well enough to establish her reputation as an engineer on the Sunheart.

Soon after, the Sunheart entered a conflict on the border with the starship USS Sovereign. They placed a disrupter in T'Zaq's hands and drugged her up just like any good Romulan soldier, despite the fact that she had never been in combat before. Finding herself in a battle between the Rihannsu and Federation only further confused her drug-induced state of mind. She never remembered who she was supposed to be shooting at! Miserably defeated, the surviving Romulans of the combat team were ushered, along with some Jem'Hadar stragglers, into the cargo bay of the USS Sovereign.

Here T'Zaq was found by a Starfleet security officer patrolling the cargo bay. Somehow, he suspected that the G.I. Jane huddled in a pitiful ball on the cargo bay deck wasn't really a Romulan. Taking her to sickbay, they purged the effects of the drug from T'Zaq's system and got her to talk. After extensive DNA testing and debriefing, she was allowed to return to Starfleet as a USS Sovereign crew member.

Her two-year stint in an alternate dimension and then with the Romulans didn't go completely unnoticed by Starfleet, however. Because of the long, unexplained absence on her record (T'Zaq was listed as AWOL by Starfleet Command while she was actually living in the alternate dimension) her rank was lowered one step to Lieutenant junior grade.

While aboard the Sovereign, T'Zaq began to rebuild her life. She looked up her old friend Nardak, hoping to be able to reestablish contact with him. Her world was crushed when she discovered he had been killed in a surprise Tal Shiar attack on Outpost 77 only weeks after she had disappeared into the alternate dimension.

Late in 2374, T'Zaq put in for a transfer to the USS Galaxy after learning that (now Lieutenant Commander) Ursa Sunder had transferred to that Galaxy class starship from Outpost 77 and was now Chief of Security of that vessel as he had been at the Federation Outpost complex that T'Zaq first started her Starfleet career. T'Zaq's transfer request was accepted. She now serves as an Engineer on board the USS Galaxy.

Personality profile:
Although she used to be a fine, well-adjusted Federation officer, the "tests" the High Ones subjected her to have made T'Zaq almost neurotic. She sometimes forgets who and where she is, and is rather excitable at times. She tends to have a short, easily distracted attention span. Her mind requires constant stimulation in order to stay focused.

T'Zaq resists talking about her family, feeling uncomfortable with the fact that she never had a normal family life as compared to others. She blames her mother for it. One should never, ever ask T'Zaq if she has any brothers or sisters, for this is an especially touchy subject with her. She learned from her Aunt Tesha, when she was "old enough to understand", that her twin sister died before birth. T'Zaq may have relatives living on Vulcan, but they have never chosen to accept her.

Special notes:
T'Zaq's mother, T'Ruq, has an extremely high telepathy rating, and her inherent ability coupled with Kyle's recessive Taylor gene gave T'Zaq an unusually high psionic ability. If she had been raised on Vulcan, she would surely have been destined to be a High Eldest Mother. But since she had very little training and grew up among the telepathic cacophony on Earth, T'Zaq's psionic talent is almost completely latent. She is sometimes able to use her gift, but at odd times, and usually when she is not thinking about it.

T'Zaq stands six feet tall, has sparkling Twilight Blue eyes and long Dark Brown hair.

She loves tea, especially jasmine.

T'Zaq inherited an Amazon macaw from her eccentric grandfather (on her father's side). Named Perot, after a talkative character from Terran legend, the parrot's egotistical personality seems to fit his namesake. He has mellowed out in the last few years, however, and has become quite a good pet. T'Zaq loves him dearly, as he's the best friend she seems to have at the moment.

She loves music of all kinds, and is an adept musician, particularly on the saxophone and flute. However, she cannot sing or carry a tune worth beans.

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