photographics © 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001 by Mark Stephen Williams

   Name:    Seth Zonhieb
   Terran age:   23
   Height:   2.3m 7'6"
   Weight:   318kg (700 lbs)
   Species:   Gorn
   Place of birth:   S'sgarnon II
   Languages:   English, Gorn, Klingon, Vulcan
   Interests:   Hand to hand combat, Hunting, and swimming

2358 - 2369   Gorn Alliance Milatary - S'mare, S'sgarnon
2370 - 2373   Starfleet Academy - San Francisco

Service Record:
2374 - 2376   Cadet, Special Ops, Starfleet Head Quarters
2376 - 2376   Ensign, Security Officer - USS Galaxy
2376 - 2376   Promoted - Lieutenant jg, Security Officer - USS Galaxy
2376 - 2377   Promoted - Lieutenant, Security Officer - USS Galaxy
2377 - present   Demoted - Lieutenant jg., Security Officer - USS Galaxy

2370   Medal of Athletic acheivement

2369   Removed from Gorn alliance for death of fellow officer
2370   Received two reprimands for inciting violence from Admiral Halloway as SF Command
2371   Three Reprimands. Cuelty to animals, tampering with safety equipment, attempted suicide
2372   Reprimand for assault causing bodily harm
2373   Demerit for Injuring another cadet

Surviving the hartchling feast Seth wandered from the nest and raised himself in the deserts of S'sgarnon until he joined the Gorn Alliance. He clawed his way through academy and ended up guarding his Autarch (Captain) during border disputes with the federation. One of the Gorn crew was stabbed during an altercation with an enlisted federation officer. Seth was later blamed for the death and drummed out of the Alliance. He later joined the Federation delegates in a goodwill gesture that allowed him to join starfleet academy.

His first month in the academy several students grouped together to get 'The Creature' thrown out. A riot ensued and Seth attempted to stop it himself. He was successful, but was to take the brunt of the blame when the brass was looking to point fingers.

A smaller group of cadets, still bent on removing Seth from Star Fleet, brought Seths eating habits forward to the faculty. He was reprimanded for cruelty but Admiral Halloway allowed the Gorn to Hunt on his private farm. The only condition was that he was to wear a tracking device which treated the lizard like an animal. Seth quick disabled the device and recieved another warning from Halloway. On Halloways farm Seth learned of the sport of bull fighting and attempted to fight the bull. Halloway was forced to charge the gorn with attempting to kill himself going in the pasture unarmed (to save the bull).

A gang of cadets calling themselves 'The Acers' where attempting a rape on another cadet when Seth broke it up. Several members of the gang needed medical attention. The vulcan woman rescued became Seths tutor in Quantuum Mechanics. She helped the gorn just barely pass the course. Later S'Ton became ensign on USS Tiak and left the academy.

The only availible sparing partner for hand to hand combat training was cadet K'dro. Seth accidently broke the 300 pound klingon's arm. The gorn was later welcomed to K'dro's house as a great warrior. After graduation Seth has waited several months to be assigned to a ship. He prefers a ship to starbase as he would feel caged in on a starbase.

Seth quickly earned a promotion to Lieutenant junior grade while serving on board the USS Galaxy.

In mid 2376, Seth earned his second promotion to full Lieutenant while serving on board the USS Galaxy.

Personality profile:
Seth is very strict on rules and will enforce them to the letter. However if you break the rules he may have a tendency to break you. This makes him single mindedly dedicated to his job. He can stand completely still on guard (as if a statue) and will not move unless ordered by his direct superior or the captain. (even then they might get sneered at and questioned a little). He does not eat and sleep as humans do so can stay on duty for extended periods. Seth relies on intimidation for the most part and it often works. He prefers the solitude of guard duty in the deep recesses of the ship where conversation and "idle chit-chat" is at a minimum.

The gorn do not discuss personal problems, their society or physiology with anyone. They look down on humans as soft, mushy and inferior. Their excellent vision and sense of smell often warn of traps and prevents anyone 'sneaking' past. The gorns thick skin will render low power phasers useless. They also tend to ignore pain and become enraged when hurt. Powerful legs are used for great acceleration in running and jumping. The gorn can also run on all fours to gain greater speeds mostly used in hunting. They enjoy hot temprate climates and after a long day will relax in the sun to heat up.

Most alcohol is fruit or vegetable based, as well it causes dehydration, and thus the Gorn do NOT consume it. Seth does enjoy the holodeck but, mostly for training or hunting purposes. However there must be some challenge in the program or the hunt is spoiled, so safeties are usually suspended. Games of physical strength with other aliens usually offer little challenge so the gorn will not waste his time.

The universal translator clearly translates for Seth but, he will growl, roar and hiss as warnings and to intimidate. It takes allot to rattle a gorn so these are very rarely used. He will keep his speech to a minimum and mostly only speaks when spoken to. In most situations Seth with handle with cunning hunter like efficiency.

Special notes:
Cold blooded, like hot climates. Crew quarters are kept at 38 C (100 F) with low humidity. Multifaceted eyes set on sides of head give 280-degree vision. With ability to independently control and concentrate on different targets. Long forked tongue used for enhanced smell. 10-12 cm sharp carnivorous teeth. 15 cm claws. Crest of 8 cm horns run down top of skull to mid back. 1.2 m tail. Saliva can paralize prey.

The gorn homeworld has a higher specific gravity at 1.4G. The Gorn prize physical strength and endurance over intellect. They are not given to sublety, and thus they prefer to persuade by physical domination. They consider psionics a fidgety and unworthy discipline, and do not pursue such studies. Their thick craniums prevent them from being 'felt' by telepaths. Thier digestive system cannot breakdown cooked foods, fruits or vegitables.

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