StarTrek: USS Galaxy NCC-70637 - AES Email Simulation Player Roster                        Stardate: 50203.31
Position: Rank: Name: Race: Sex: Email:
Commanding Officer Captain Robert Edward Lee Price Human Male
Executive Officer Commander Kent Peterson Human Male
Chief Tactical Officer Lieutenant Commander Lysander Hawksley Human Male
 Tactical Officer Lieutenant jg Vailen Daitaal Rutian Male
 Tactical Officer Lieutenant jg Donovan Black Human Male
Chief Operations Officer Lieutenant James Lionel Corgan Human Male
 Operations Officer Lieutenant Sheree Sardar Sarrahban Female
 Operations Officer Ensign Elisa Dickerson Human Female
Chief Flight Control Officer Lieutenant Commander Ragnald Gustavson Human Male
 Flight Control Officer Lieutenant Heather Grant-Wellington Human Female
 Flight Control Officer Lieutenant Mikala (Mike) Pailaka Human Male
 Flight Control Officer Ensign Edward Thomas Derecktor Human Male
Chief of Security Lieutenant Commander Elaithin Jii Bajoran Male
Ast. Chief of Security Lieutenant Commander Rayna Lamar O'Grady Human Female
 Security Officer Lieutenant Raven Darkstar Human Male
 Security Officer Lieutenant Brightspot to-Srallansre Sivaoan Female
 Security Officer Lieutenent Alia Elspeth Drakely Human Female
 Security Officer Lieutenant jg Seth Zonhieb Gorn Male
 Security Officer Lieutenent jg Arel Smith Human Female
Chief Science Officer Lieutenant Commander James Mitchell Bajoran Male
 Science Officer Lieutenant Commander Rose Isis MacAllen Betazoid Female
 Science Officer Lieutenant Wilhem Quevvenson Human Male
 Science Officer Lieutenant jg Marcus Corinno III Human Male
 Science Officer Ensign Cutter Kara'nin Fruna'lin Male
Chief Engineer Lieutenant Commander T'Zaq Human / Vulcan Female
 Engineer Lieutenant jg Curtis Geluf Kerelian Male
 Engineer Ensign Brooke Aguilar Human Female
 Engineer Ensign Cleo T'gra Klingon / Human Male
Chief Medical Officer Lieutenant Dr. Autumn Quevvenson Terran Female
 Medical Officer Lieutenant Dr. Vladimir Malgin Human Male
 Medical Officer Lieutenent Lancelot Grogan Human Male
 Medical Officer Warrant Officer Ieyasu Kurita Human Male
Chief Counselor Commander Karyn Elizabeth Dallas Human Female
 Ast. Chief Counselor Lieutenant Commander Navarre-Maxwell Shinta Bajoran Female
 Counselor Lieutenant Commander Michael S. O'Grady Human Male
 Counselor Lieutenant Ardra MacGrath Human Female
 Counselor Lieutenant Brian Elessidil Betazoid Male
 Counselor Lieutenant Adrian An'quinsos El Aurian Male
Civilian - Reporter none Kit Jordan Hennessey Human Female

All email addresses listed are for private use only. Please do not email any of these addresses without authorization.
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