Quotes from the adventures of the USS Galaxy crew
The following quotes are taken from the datalogs of the USS Galaxy sim. Set on a Gaalxy-class starship in timeline of Star Trek: The Next Generation - relive those rememberable, profound, or purely 'in character' quotes from former and current crewmembers. Enjoy!


Season One
Episode 1.01 Parasite
Episode 1.02 Sticks and Stones


Season Two
Episode 2.01 New Life
Episode 2.02 Batteries Not Included
Episode 2.03 The Void
Episode 2.04 Labyrinth
Episode 2.05 Thy Pride


Season Three
Episode 3.01 QP
Episode 3.02 Cold to the Last
Episode 3.03 Legacy
Episode 3.04 Battleship
Episode 3.05 Not even a mouse


Season Four
Episode 4.01 Strange days
Episode 4.02 Convergence
Episode 4.03 Here's Looking at you Kid
Episode 4.04 Shore Leave
Episode 4.06 The Wrath of Hoglips


Season Five
Episode 5.01 Patsy
Episode 5.02 Family
Episode 5.03 Tally Ho
Episode 5.04 Night Siege
Episode 5.05 Starship Down


Season Six
Episode 6.01 Freedom
Episode 6.02 Stone of Tears
Episode 6.03 Queens are Wild
Episode 6.04 You can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs
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